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09:12<jdike>Hi guys
09:22<kokoko1>jdike, bonjour
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09:57<peterz>jdike: does uml do something funny with fixmaps at the end of address space?
09:57<peterz>well, uhm,. I rewrote the whole mm -> vma lookup
09:58<peterz>and UML is the only thing that makes my kernel BUG
09:58<peterz>on exit_mm() there is still 1 nr_ptes left
09:58<jdike>i.e. UML BUGs?
09:59<jdike>there's nothing that UML can do that would make that happen
09:59<jdike>it's all just mmap and friends
09:59<jdike>nothing strange, that is
09:59<peterz>right, but its doing a _lot_ of them
09:59<peterz>I've got an mmap stress test prog
09:59<peterz>that works
09:59<peterz>full desktop bloat also works
10:00<peterz>just uml triggers this, so I was hoping it does something special
10:00<peterz>because I'm running out of ideas :-(
10:00<jdike>you're using a UML with highmem in use?
10:00<jdike>then there's no fixmap happening anyway
10:01<jdike>that's only a highmem thing, iirc
10:01<jdike>is it just the counter that got out of whack?
10:01<peterz>right, time to go write a pte scanner that looks for out of vma ptes
10:01<jdike>nr_ptes == 1 with an empty page table?
10:02<peterz>no idea, I wrote a pte scanner that goes up until the last vma vm_end address
10:02<peterz>and that didn't find any pte
10:02<peterz>so there might be one left between there and the end of address space
10:02<peterz>its just that when I put 0 or -1 in the end it goes into inf loops
10:02<jdike>there shouldn't be any ptes in non-VMA areas
10:02<peterz>but who knows, I might have messed up bad
10:03<peterz>RCU is a tricky thing
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10:22<peterz>dOh, I should check up to TASK_SIZE of course
10:32<peterz>looks like there are indeed no ptes, so that would mean mm->nr_ptes is skewed
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16:46[~]kokoko1 pour some tea for jdike
16:51<jdike>as I walk back, tea cup in hand
16:56<kokoko1>I am done with mine :)
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18:58<fo0bar>lovely, debian released a new 2.6.18 kernel today (-12, which will probably be the final before the etch release), which did not fix a bug in -11 that completely breaks compiling ARCH=um
18:59<fo0bar> <-- if anyone asks over the next 6 years :)
19:00<fo0bar>granted it's only with TT compiled, but ehh
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