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10:45<jdike>Hi guys
10:55<kokoko1>bonjour jdike
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13:42<kokoko1>jdike, sorta
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14:03<kokoko1>jdike, in our country Internet access is very expensive, duno why they keeping bandwidth expensive
14:03<kokoko1>I am lookign at this link and crying for it
14:03<kokoko1>i love to have this cheap internet in our country/city
14:04<kokoko1>$59 for 20Mbit is nothing
14:05<kokoko1>If one want this sort of Internet in our country he/she have to pay $ 400 +
14:05<kokoko1>here the cheapest 64kbps dsl cost $ 30
14:06<kokoko1>guess how could we afforad high speed internet when you are not making lot of fucking bulks
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14:43<jdike>I've got fiber 2M/5M, ~$40/month
14:44[~]jdike speeds fork by ~5% and page faults by ~10%
14:47<kokoko1>awesome cool
14:48<jdike>kokoko1, see
14:48<jdike>that's fiber, sorta comparable to GWI except when you go for 30Mbit
14:49<jdike>and GWI is very asymmetric
14:52<kokoko1>but this will leave you nothing but to browse Internet and sending recivng emails :)
14:54<kokoko1>you are using verizon?
14:55<jdike>comcast is here too, so if verizon gets uppity, we can switch to cable and tell them to pound sand
14:55<kokoko1>you got static ip or dynamic?
14:55<jdike>technically dynamic, but stable over weeks
14:56<kokoko1>so you overload your link sometime or not hmm may be seeding torrents :P
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15:07[~]kokoko1 sound stupid :_S
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