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10:48<jdike>Hi guys
10:54<kokoko1>Hello jdike :)
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12:20<dgraves>morning guys.
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12:21<kokoko1>dgraves, hello
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15:41<zaserg>hello *
15:42<zaserg>echo "<a href="">" >> google.txt
15:42<zaserg>" is not visible
15:42<zaserg>who can help me
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16:04<kokoko1>pardon me, but doing reboots :-S
16:04<kokoko1>Linux slacker #4 :-S four builds
16:04<jdike>don't irc from your test box
16:04<kokoko1>in #3 my mouse was not working
16:08<kokoko1>jdike, need our few minutes
16:08<kokoko1>i have external usb which are working on 2.4.x (slackware) then i compiled 2.6.x and now i am getting ...
16:08<kokoko1>Apr 6 02:07:13 smtp kernel: usb 2-2: device descriptor read/64, error -71
16:08<kokoko1>Apr 6 02:07:14 smtp last message repeated 3 times
16:08<kokoko1>Apr 6 02:07:15 smtp kernel: usb 2-2: device not accepting address 4, error -71
16:08<kokoko1>Apr 6 02:07:15 smtp kernel: usb 2-2: device not accepting address 5, error -71
16:08<kokoko1>On both 2.4.x and 2.6.x
16:09<jdike>I get the same thing on my new desktop boc
16:09<jdike>doesn't seem to hurt anything
16:09<jdike>only once though, very early
16:09<kokoko1>rightbut i am not able to mount it :-S
16:09<kokoko1>fdisk -l not working my usb
16:09<jdike>well, the device not accepting address bit
16:10<jdike>not the device descriptor one
16:10<kokoko1>it working on fc6
16:10<kokoko1>faulty device or something with OS/kernel ?
16:12<jdike>if it works on FC6, it's a kernel thing
16:12<kokoko1>yeah look like fc6 kernel do its best to mount it
16:12<kokoko1>you are kernel guy you tell me what to do ? :)
16:13<kokoko1>wait let me plug it into fc6
16:13[~]jdike not a hardware guy
16:15<kokoko1>yep its workong on fc6
16:18<jdike>first, boot the matching mainline kernel and see what happens
16:18<jdike>then look at the patches FC applied to it and see what of them look relevent
16:19<kokoko1>It was working on mainline (default sock kernel) but now its not even working on it :-S
16:19<jdike>well, something changed
16:19<kokoko1>patches <-- wee oki
16:19<kokoko1>maybe after i compiled new kernel it get something chnged
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16:23<kokoko1>jdike, thanks for your time , i greatly appreciate it :)
16:23[~]kokoko1 admires jdike
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16:41[~]kokoko1 USB now even mounting on fc6
16:41<kokoko1>faulty hardware :-S
16:43<kokoko1>it was my sourcr for movies from our place to another and today i was thinking to copy three new downloaded movies to it :-S
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16:45[~]kokoko1 tune to Yung Jock - It's Goin' Down.
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16:49[~]jdike tries to figure out what might have some effect on I/O performance
16:53<kokoko1>hmm I/O sound interesting
16:53<jdike>forks and execs are now faster
16:53<jdike>or will be in 2.6.22
16:53<jdike>and page faults
16:54<jdike>but nothing seems to matter for I/O
16:55<kokoko1>oh .22
16:55<kokoko1>too much wait :)
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17:16<caker>jdike: anything I can do to help with the free_irq/cfq/aio issue?
17:17<jdike>I'm fairly mystified by it
17:17<caker>it's been coming up more and more frequently
17:17<jdike>how often do you see it?
17:17<caker>we recently switched the default kernel from 2.4-um to 2.6-um
17:17<caker>Hmm, well, that I know of every few days (complaints of "mysterious shutdown", and of course it's always a similar panic)
17:18<jdike>any pattern in the workloads?
17:18<caker>doesn't appear to be. It's completely random, afaict
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17:19<caker>any debugging goodness I can throw into the kernel?
17:20<jdike>you're using cfq now?
17:20<jdike>and it dies like as did?
17:21<caker>well, cept for ths one: which I sent to you a few days ago
17:21<jdike>I was thinking it was a as bug, and hit a roadblock when I couldn't see anything wrong
17:21<jdike>but if it happens to cfq, maybe my driver is screwing up
17:22<caker>both of those are cfq (same kern)
17:22<jdike>they're both the same thing
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17:24<caker>have you seen this with cfq, or just the anticipatory, or have you given up your week-long thrashing runs?
17:25<jdike>I gave them up
17:25<jdike>but only with as - didn't play with cfq
17:26<caker>hmm... should I try noop scheduler (does that exist in uml -- been awhile). Perhaps that would help narrow the field?
17:27<jdike>you could
17:28<jdike>one thing that might be worth trying is having panic induce a core dump
17:28<jdike>then you could send me the binary and dump
17:29<caker>you told me that essentially the iosched in UML really didn't have any real-world effect, since the host will be doing the scheduling... is that in fact true? (I just don't want to make this change if it's going to slow people down)
17:29<caker>OK -- how's that accomplished?
17:29<jdike>it'll have an effect on reads
17:30<jdike>wait a minute
17:30<jdike>there's no noop scheduler
17:30<jdike>there is a noop elevator
17:31<jdike>which I thought UML used, but I don't see any sign of it
17:32<caker>elevator and scheduler are the same thing, I thought?
17:32<jdike>maybe they are
17:32<caker>hence, elevator=cfq on the kernel command line
17:33<jdike>yeah, you're right
17:33<jdike>try noop
17:34<caker>ok -- what about dumpage?
17:34<jdike>it'll affect reads maybe, but I think all of the schedulers behave randomly wrt I/O anyway
17:34<jdike>let me work up a patch
17:34<caker>thanks :)
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