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01:57<filip>g'day. im looking for something like the umld that's described at - but that site seems down and looks like it's not coming back. any suggestions?
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14:15<aroscha>stupid question probably - I guess I just need a pointer to some docu / FAQ. But: when I start zethix@sandwich:~/uml$ ./kernel32- ubd0=./Debian-3.1-x86-root_fs
14:15<aroscha>then i get the first few lines of UML output and then it stops. Exit code =1
14:15<aroscha>Checking that ptrace can change system call numbers...OKChecking syscall emulation patch for ptrace...OKChecking advanced syscall emulation patch for ptrace...OKChecking for tmpfs mount on /dev/shm...OKChecking PROT_EXEC mmap in /dev/shm/...OKChecking for the skas3 patch in the host: - /proc/mm...not found - PTRACE_FAULTINFO...not found - PTRACE_LDT...not foundUML running in SKAS0 modezethix@sandwich:~/uml$ echo $?1
14:16<the_hydra>oops what?
14:16<aroscha>sorry, I guess that copy&paste was not readable for some people
14:16<the_hydra>ok, it ends running in SKAS0...
14:16<aroscha>and then nothing
14:16<aroscha>exit code == 1
14:17<aroscha>I guess I just made a stupid mistake
14:17<aroscha> I got the kernel from
14:17<aroscha>x86. No AMD64 or so
14:18<aroscha>anybody any idea what could be going wrong?
14:18<the_hydra>oh, so your machine is AMD64?
14:18<HuK0B>aroscha get vanila kernel and patch it with skas3 pre9
14:19<HuK0B>get patch from
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14:19<HuK0B>this is host kernel I mean
14:19<the_hydra>HuK0B: is there a bug in SKAS0?
14:20<aroscha>but what is the reason that it will not run?
14:20<HuK0B>don't know but I had same problem on amd64 I downloaded 2.6.20 I think and patched it and everything was fine for me
14:20<aroscha>BTW: I trueid die blaisorblade stuff on an AMD64 and it also did not work
14:20<aroscha>I see
14:24<aroscha>well, thanks for the answers! Going to try that now
14:33<the_hydra>good luck aroscha
14:33<aroscha>thanks, I will report
14:34<aroscha>I was even stracing the stuff but found no reasonable errors before
14:39<the_hydra>usually, that means "silent" corruption
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14:50<aroscha>hmm... one more question. Do I need to recompile the host kernel with blaisorblade's patches or is it enough to compile a UML (make ARCH=um) kernel like that (and leave the host kernel on 2.6.15 level for example)
14:53<baroni>aroscha: blaisorblade adds extra improvments
14:54<baroni>as far as i know
14:54<aroscha>but for the host OS or for the UML kernel (thge "client")?
14:55<baroni>the kernel of the main system should be a 'normal' one
14:55<aroscha>ok.. fine
14:55<aroscha>then I am on the right way :)
14:55<baroni>i'll take a better check now just to be sure ...
15:05<baroni>actually, it's better you ask about skas patchs for someone else hehe
15:05<baroni>seems that i was wrong as i am taking a better look now
15:08<HuK0B>download skas3 patch for main kernel
15:11<baroni>thanks HuK0B !
15:31<aroscha>ok did that. runs (on a x86 )
15:31<aroscha>and the busybox image was up and running really fast!
15:46<aroscha>another question to the highly respected readers of this educated channel (;-) )_: If I want to start 2000 UML instances... will 8 GB be enough ?
15:52<aroscha>or in other terms: what will the UML overhead be?
15:53<aroscha>let's say I have 2000 root fs images, each 16MB big (like the sample busybox image)
15:53<aroscha>does each root fs image + UML kernel have it's own memory ? or is there potential for sharing common code segments?
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16:04<mcr>hi.... did bb every do a git tree?
16:14<aroscha>oh my I am a goat :) It is all described here anyway
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20:52<HD>Hello, I need information about UML in real time?
20:53<HD>or information about uml and model for C ansi
20:55<HD>anybody home
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22:29<Internat>does the linux-source-vserver part.. is that for the host kernel or the guest kernel?
22:32<mcr>vserver isn't a host/guest thing.
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23:08<Internat>oh my bad
23:09<Internat>i was under teh impression it was todo with uml
23:28<mcr>no, vserver is a kernel-based system, where is the one kernel, and many userlands.
23:28<mcr>it's closer to a very extensive chroot(2)/jail(2), than a virtualization system.
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23:41<Internat>ah :) yeah one o the guys in linode just explained that to me :)
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