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05:30<ismak>i am compiling win 0.9.12 inside UML, but UML is crashing with rhe error msg: Bus error - the /dev/shm or /tmp mount likely just ran out of space
05:31<ismak>is there a solution to this problem?
05:31<ismak>by now, /tmp and /dev/shm are mounted as tmpfs. Now i'm just probing to umount these and trying to recompile again
05:31<ismak>any idea?
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07:31<peterz>add swap?
07:33<ismak>great, i have increase the swap size an the problem is solved
07:33<ismak>i haven't got swap because i can't access udbd swap device
07:33<ismak>i had to install udev debian package first
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08:56<aroscha>anybody been running UML guests which are not compiled with kernel debug infos?
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08:57<aroscha>i mean: anybody successfull at that?
08:57<aroscha>basically I am looking for a minimal guest .config file
08:58<aroscha>so far I managed to get down to 2MB for a guest kernel (file size) but somehow it does not compile when I disable the debug info option
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10:41<jdike>Hi guys
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10:53[~]caker mails LKML re compressing process core dumps straight from the kernel
10:53[~]caker awaits flames
10:56<jdike>there has been discussion of that
10:57<caker>I've seen them, but only for kernel dumps, I thought
10:57<caker>of the discussions this year, at least
10:57<jdike>not of compression, per se, but allowing dumps to be passed to a process for, ummm, processing
11:04[~]jdike prepares today's patchbomblet
11:29<caker>holy crap:
11:29<caker>. If the first character of the pattern is a '|', the kernel will treat
11:29<caker> the rest of the pattern as a command to run. The core dump will be
11:29<caker> written to the standard input of that program instead of to a file.
11:30<caker>^-- referring to /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern !!
11:33<caker>echo "| mail jdike" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern <-- perfect!
11:34<jdike>I recall discussion of that, but I didn't think it was actually there
11:34<jdike>that was the process, um processing core dumps thing
11:36<jdike>at the very least, it can be | bzcat > $BIG_DISK/core.$$
11:41<caker>%p <-- token for the process that's being dumped pid. Linux++
11:44<jdike>I was guessing that would be in the environment or something
11:44<caker>pretty useful feature -- can do centralized management of core dumps
11:44<caker>good stuff
11:45<jdike>so you can do "| dumpit %p"
11:45<jdike>and dumpit will get the pid on its command line?
11:45<caker>Seems so
11:45<jdike>that lets you get the binary and save it at the same time
11:46<caker>%3 executable filename
11:46<caker>sorry, %e
11:46<jdike>even better
11:53<jdike>%e doesn't give you a full pathname
11:55<jdike>and I can't make | work
11:55<caker>also, Bill Rugolsky replied and said it doesn't pass arguments into argv, nor does it do the variable replacements :(
11:55<jdike>Core dump to | /home/jdike/bin/dumpit 5556 linux pipe failed
11:56<caker> >= 2.6.19 ?
11:57<caker>what's in your /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern ?
11:58<caker>I think it has to be just "| /path/to/processor" and nothing else (guessing based on Bill's reply)
11:58<jdike>that doesn't work either
11:59<jdike>Core dump to | /home/jdike/bin/dumpit.5635 pipe failed
11:59<jdike>and core_uses_pid is 0
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15:13<caker>bah, another free_irq() victim
15:13<caker>need to get this core dump stuff happening
15:14<caker>one yesterday, too (said he's hit it three times this week), so I would expect useful dumps soon, once it's implemented
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16:02<kuma>hi :)
16:03<kuma>I'm looking a tool for making UML diagrams, can you recommend me any?
16:04<jdike>free_irq is just the last thing that happens before the exit
16:04<jdike>the interesting stuff is right above the panic
16:04<jdike>what does the stack look like?
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16:37<caker>$SCREENLOG_LAST_LINES = 250; # when rotating the screen log between reboots, save this many number of lines <-- bah, not enough
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