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09:01<the_hydra>hi all
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10:05<jdike>Hi guys
10:06<the_hydra>hi jeff
10:06<the_hydra>happy (belated) easter
10:07<jdike>heh, thanks
10:08<jdike>not that I noticed Easter
10:08<jdike>the supermarket was closed - that's how I noticed it was Easter
10:09<the_hydra>a very efficient way to find out what day it is ;)
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10:09<jdike>kinda binary
10:09<jdike>kinda annoying when you want food
10:11<the_hydra>jdike: here, mcd stays open even it was Easter
10:12<jdike>sure, but how about on the high holy days of Islam?
10:12<jdike>none of which I can name, but there must be some
10:12<the_hydra>oh that...well still opens too ( at least here)..
10:13[~]caker does a little core dump dance
10:13<the_hydra>usually, the management put the non-Muslim folks on that day
10:13<jdike>then you have more enlightened supermarkets :-)
10:13<the_hydra>caker: don't forget to sing "" ;)
10:14<the_hydra>jdike: but it is another story for bar/discotheque ;)
10:14<the_hydra>jdike: close..for the whole month!!!
10:15<the_hydra>jdike: yes...
10:15<jdike>sounds painful
10:15<the_hydra>jdike: a whole month without male entertainment!
10:16<the_hydra>jdike: so suddenly, most guys become the "cute" guys in that month
10:16<jdike>somehow I think I don't want to hear the details
10:16<the_hydra>jdike: better don't, or you'll lose appettite ;)
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10:17<the_hydra>kokoko1: hello
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12:45<jdike>apparently UML is as fast as Xen on kernel builds
12:46<jdike>Just talked to my boss, mentioned that I'm getting ~2/3 native
12:46<jdike>he said they see about the same with Xen
12:47<aroscha>jdike: so basically intel is supporting your UML work ?
12:47<aroscha>nice :)
12:47<jdike>they pay me, and I do what I want
12:47<aroscha>lucky guy hehe
12:47<jdike>seems like a good deal to me
12:49<aroscha>so far I had not so much success with my 1000 instances
12:49<aroscha>But I am still learning UML... so
12:50[~]aroscha also does what he wants at the moment: creating a wireless mesh network in Vienna:
12:50<aroscha>currently we have 100 - 300 nodes
12:50<aroscha>but I want to simulate 1000
12:50<aroscha>so that is the whole story ;-)
13:07<aroscha>i am following the network set docu but when I try to ifconfig eth0 in the guest, I get:
13:07<aroscha>BusyBox v1.1.1 (2006.04.09-18:25+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
13:07<aroscha>Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
13:07<aroscha># ifconfig -a
13:07<aroscha>ifconfig: Warning: cannot open /proc/net/dev. Limited output.: No such file or directory
13:07<aroscha># #
13:08<aroscha>this is the default busybox 64 bit guest image from blaisorblade
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13:08<aroscha>any idea?
13:09<jdike>mount /proc in there
13:11<aroscha>uff, of course! :)
13:11<aroscha>ok, and in my own UML guest kernel I would get:
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13:12<aroscha># ifconfig eth0 inet 193.222.333.4 up
13:12<aroscha>etap_tramp : uml_net failed
13:12<aroscha>read_output - read of data failed, read only 50 of 4096 bytes
13:12<aroscha>r_child - execvp of 'uml_net' failed - errno = 13
13:12<aroscha>etap_tramp failed - err = 10
13:12<aroscha>SIOCSIFFLAGS: No child processes
13:12<jdike>EPERM I think
13:13<aroscha>i compiled my own guest kernel with sort of all networking options the make ARCH=um offers me
13:13<jdike>check the permissions of uml_net
13:14<aroscha>hm... you mean the module?
13:14<aroscha>sorry if these questions sound stupid
13:16<aroscha>I compiled every module statically
13:17<jdike>the executable on the host
13:17<jdike>ls -l `which uml_net`
13:19<aroscha>ok, got you
13:19<aroscha>now - hehe - I get:
13:19<aroscha># ifconfig eth0 inet up
13:19<aroscha>etap_tramp : uml_net failed
13:19<aroscha>* modprobe netlink_dev
13:19<aroscha>FATAL: Module netlink_dev not found.
13:19<aroscha>* modprobe ethertap unit=0 -o ethertap0
13:19<aroscha>FATAL: Module ethertap not found.
13:19<aroscha>* ifconfig tap0 arp mtu 1500 netmask up
13:19<aroscha>tap0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
13:19<aroscha>i get _more_ error messages hehe
13:23<aroscha>ah... ok, started ./mykernel as root and now I get :
13:23<aroscha># ifconfig eth0 up
13:23<aroscha>etap_tramp : uml_net failed
13:23<aroscha>* ifconfig tap0 arp mtu 1500 netmask up
13:23<aroscha>* bash -c echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
13:23<aroscha>open: No such device or address
13:23<aroscha>etap_tramp failed - err = 22
13:26<aroscha>seems like /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is 1 in both the host and the guest
13:26<aroscha>argl! # bash
13:26<aroscha>-sh: bash: not found
13:26<aroscha>got it
13:30<fo0bar>jdike: regarding your reply about debian... how much of your patches would you say fix bugs, versus design changes or regressions in kernel development?
13:51<aroscha>is there a way to tell ifconfig that I do not and will not have a bash on my system?
13:51<aroscha>like /bin/sh should also be ok ?
14:01<jdike>fo0bar, anything that we send to -stable is a bug fix
14:02<jdike>aroscha, why are you trying to use ethertap?
14:03<aroscha>just trying out different parts of the docu amongst one of the first ones how to connect the guest to the world via ethertap. Like this: eth0=ethertap,tap0,fe:fd:0:0:0:1,
14:03<jdike>and the * lines are executed on the host
14:03<jdike>uml_net assumes that there is bash there
14:04<aroscha>there is of course :)
14:04<aroscha>just in the mini guest root_fs there is none
14:05<jdike>the host just seems not to have the ethertap modules, which is fine
14:05<jdike>tuntap is everywhere now
14:07<aroscha>ok... thx! progress
14:07<aroscha>I was simply stepping thru the docu in chronological order that is why I was trying ethertap
14:07<aroscha>did not know that it was not current anymore
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14:43<aroscha>ok, things work now with tuntap thx
14:43<aroscha>small bugreport:
14:43<aroscha>try to have a tap0 on the host and tcpdump -ni tap0 from it
14:44<aroscha>while at the same time try to connect via tuntap from the guest
14:45<aroscha>damn, it works now
14:45<aroscha>I wanted to reproduce the crash
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