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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-04-15

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07:05<m0sh>Has anyone ever tried to do something like running qemu(*with* kqemu) within uml?
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10:15<aroscha>hmm.. getting there. currently running 400 instances
10:15<aroscha>500 will be no prob at all
10:37<aroscha>hm is there a way to pass an UML instance the info which instance it is (i.e. the 164th)?
10:54<baroni>umid arg ?
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12:43<aroscha>what does: uml_net_open: failed to get irq(-12)
12:43<aroscha>mean when you start a guest with eth0=daemon ?
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13:07<aroscha>baroni: and the umid arg can then be seen on the guest on /tmp/uml/NAME ?
13:07<aroscha>or the host?
13:11<aroscha>how do i read the umid=NAME from within the guest ?
13:11<aroscha>the docu is not very specific about it
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14:27<aroscha>can anybody fetch the umid value from within a guest ?
14:53<aroscha>uff, the docs could really be better
14:54<aroscha>is there any limit on the number of uml_switches I can make? or on the number of tapX devices?
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21:56<aTypical>Hi all. where's a good site to download root filesystems?
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