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08:38<jdike>Hi guys
08:41<caker>good morning
08:45<aroscha>hi :)
08:45<aroscha>good afternoon
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09:29[~]jdike adds per-device IO threads
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09:46<dgraves>morning jdike.
09:46<dgraves>jdike: but do they deal well in fake smp?
09:46<jdike>you managed to swim to work
09:46<dgraves>i tried to find that island to rest in the merrimack.
09:46<dgraves>but i couldn't.
09:47<jdike>the locking is cleaner actually
09:47<jdike>since the devices are already locked
09:48<dgraves>behind bars!
09:48<dgraves>nice though.
09:48[~]dgraves is going to work for jdike when oracle gets tired of him.
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09:51<jdike>now to add readv/writev support and see what that does
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09:59<dgraves>hopefully reads and writes?
09:59<dgraves>but you might get a bonus panic. :)
09:59<jdike>you better stay at Oracle
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10:05<dgraves>but i'm good at bonus panics!
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10:39<jdike>this requires more thought
10:39<jdike>an iovec doesn't have an offset
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12:18<dgraves>jdike: add one! :)
12:23<jdike>so full of useful suggestions
12:24<dgraves>i didn't realize this was my hiring test. :)
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12:55<aroscha>jdike: is using a linux bridge (brctl etc..) an alternative to using an uml_switch (sorry if this question might sound stupid)?
12:56<jdike>all interfaces will see all packets, I think
12:56<aroscha>like I imagine that i have a bunch of tapX devices and those that I want to be connected I will simple brctl addbr to some brX that I created on the host
12:58<aroscha>so what you are saying is that it will be more like a hub then ?
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13:00<aroscha>BTW: I increased the socket backlog and /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max and rmem_max to really high values... no success. I still get the fd 4 : Resource not available bug in uml_switch
13:07<jdike>just give each port its own socket
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15:42<aroscha>how do you intentionally panic (and thus reboot) a linux system? Is there a syscall for it?
15:43<caker>panic or cause a reboot?
15:43<aroscha>like panic(int flags) or so ?
15:43<caker>echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger
15:43<caker>oh .. hmm
15:43<aroscha>seems to work
15:43<caker>yeah, that does a force reboot
15:44<aroscha>thx! I will read that link
15:44<aroscha>now i dont have to travel to the box
15:44<caker>very useful in those situations
15:44<caker>many a time sysrq has saved my ass a trip (or worse: dealing with datacenter tech support)
15:45<aroscha>hehe, actually (i am making myself probably a person non grata here but...) the UML kernel sort of made every process a zombie
15:46<aroscha>including the reboot cmd
15:46<aroscha>so that's why i wanted it to panic (instead of me)
15:46<caker>was this one of your 9million uml instances on that machine? :)
15:47<aroscha>no, this was from the default UML kernel from the VNUML site
15:48<aroscha>well, i was curious and playing around . I _guess_ the VNUML kernel is a 32 bit. And well... yes, any process that I would start would do its work (or not) but at the end it would become a zombie . init was using 100% CPU
15:48<aroscha>I guess I have a lucky hand for crashing things
15:49<aroscha>hehe, I should hire at intel as a UML tester
15:52<jdike>aroscha, what version is that?
15:52<jdike>I don't remember ever seeing anything like that
15:53<aroscha>jdike: i simply downloaded linux- from the VNUML site
15:53<jdike>hmmm, OK
15:54<jdike>try a newer UML though
15:54<aroscha>unpacked it and started it in my host
15:54<aroscha>as I said, I was just trying things
15:54<aroscha>comparing my current network simulator to VNUML
15:56<jdike>np, just I'd prefer you apply your talent for breaking things to something I'm likely to fix
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