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08:51<jdike>Hi guys
08:52<caker>hello Jeff
09:02<jdike>I can't see that per-device I/O threads or readv/writev make any difference
09:05<caker>in theory or did you implement it?
09:06<jdike>I implemented it
09:06<jdike>in theory, they should be great
09:07<caker>Even getting funneled down to one device on the host? I could see it having more of an impact (over the single IO thread) if the ubd devices lived on different devices on the host
09:07<jdike>the workloads were - kernel build, dd from device to /dev/null, dd from device to file on same device, dd from one device to another
09:08<caker>yeah -- the dd from one device to another scenario
09:08<jdike>everything is going through the page cache on the host
09:08<jdike>these were ubd devices
09:08<jdike>everything on the same host disk
09:08<caker>I thought the O_DIRECT or AIO took care of the page cache thing
09:08<jdike>no AIO involved here
09:09<jdike>I have the same problem with it
09:09<caker>is this to device nodes on the host or image files?
09:09<jdike>I can't find a performance improvement
09:09<jdike>image files
09:10<caker>maybe try with LVM volumes to elimiate the host page cache?
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09:10<jdike>you're going through the page cache unless you're doing O_DIRECT
09:11<jdike>besides, I want to see a performance benefit without having to trick out the host
09:11<caker>is that accurate? For some reason I thought using dev nodes eliminated the double caching thing
09:11<jdike>no, it doesn't
09:12<jdike>however, device nodes aren't coherent with files on the device
09:12<caker>I guess I'm thinking it gets rid of going through the host VFS
09:13<caker>*no* improvement at all?
09:13<jdike>nothing that jumps off the screen
09:13<caker>worth comparing your tests with ubd devices on separate host devices?
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09:14<jdike>maybe if I averaged the performance and looked at standard deviations, there might be something
09:14<caker>I guess that's an unlikely situation for most
09:14<jdike>but with these sorts of things, I'm not that interested in 5%
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12:27<the_hydra>baroni: sorry dc
12:31<baroni>the_hydra: np :)
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16:13<aroscha>jdike: 2000 are running
16:14<aroscha>what do you people actually think of VNUML? Is it usuable? Anybody tried it?
16:15<jdike>looked at vnuml a long time ago, looked neat, but never used it
16:15<aroscha>looks like not completed for me.
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