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08:56<Internat>this is probably a very stupid question.. is there a list of commandline type arguments for uml? ie when i run ./linux and can specify things like ubd1= etc?
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14:29<fo0bar>Internat: ./linux --help
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18:01<Internat>cause that would be obvious :/ *slaps himself*
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18:29<aroscha>anybody played around with the mcast networking option?
18:29<aroscha>i tried to start 200 UMLs all connected with mcast and my server got rea.a.a.l.l.y.... slow
18:29<aroscha>is that normal or did I miss some option?
18:29<aroscha>to make it fast I mean
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19:06<Internat>do u normally run that ammount?
19:06<aroscha>another question: anybody found a complete documentation for the eth<n>=tuntap,,,<host IP address> cmd line parameter ? What can potentially go into the ",,," places?
19:06<aroscha>internat: at least
19:07<aroscha>internat: I started 2000 already, they have enough memory. But I am trying a good way to connect them now
19:07<aroscha>hehe, if anybody needs some hosting services, I am accepting offers ;-)
19:07<Internat>hehe im happy with my linode :)
19:10<aroscha>neither the documentation nor the ./linux --help describes what the tuntap driver offers as options
19:12<Internat>indeed.. quite annoying
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19:12<aroscha>ok, i found it...
19:12<aroscha>maybe the docs could be updated? what does jdike accept ? patch files for the html docu page?
19:13<aroscha>the settings are ethX=tuntap,tap0,MAC-ADDR,IP-on-the-host
19:13<aroscha>where tap0 is the name of any tap device on the host
19:29<Internat>probably should get that added to the help docs of the ./linux --help part
19:43<aroscha>question: when I connect the tapX devices on the host via a bridge,... then I guess the packets going from one instance to the other will go "out" thru eth0 (on the guest) to the tap0 on the host and then via the bridge to tap1 and into the other guest again. On the whole way the packet never goes to userland, right?
20:11<aroscha>made it
20:11<aroscha>the tuntap docu is quite missleading in my opinion
20:11<aroscha>well, let's say "not very clear"
20:19<apic>does uml run under the hurd? :P
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20:55<aroscha>apic: I guess not
20:56<aroscha>is what you are looking for
21:04<apic>i don't want HURD under HURD
21:04<apic>but linux under HURD :P
21:05<apic>i guess umh is not really a problem
21:05<apic>as under HURD quite EVERYTHING is just a usermode process :)
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