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10:32<jdike>Hi guys
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10:47<kokoko1>morning jdike
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11:15<jdike>caker, there?
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11:22<caker>jdike: yes
11:27<jdike>any luck on reproducing that hang?
11:32<caker>he said the he attempted to boot his copy of his root fs (which, a copy of WOULD boot for me) and it would NOT boot. This is under the Linode environment.
11:32<caker>Biut then
11:32<caker>he said he copied all his filesystems and those would boot... so go figure
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11:33<caker>I'll mess around wit it some more, but not right now -- we were up all night dealing with some hardware problems
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14:32<d-media>hi every one is the owner of happen to be around, I had a question about the donation, I'm going to make one.
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14:51<jdike>I'm still here
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15:38<aroscha>jdike: I tried with HZ=100 but not much improvement
15:38<jdike>HZ=100 is default I think
15:38<jdike>I was thinking maybe HZ=1
15:39<aroscha>but then other processes never get any time
15:39<jdike>explain that?
15:39<aroscha>or they only get time when the others give up the CPU
15:40<aroscha>in my case the code actually does _lots_ of selects()
15:40<aroscha>x times per second
15:40<aroscha>it polls if packets arrived
15:41<aroscha>so , if i am correct, then with HZ=1 , the process does select(), gives up the CPU, others get it and after N (N= number of processes ) seconds (with HZ=1) it will get the CPU back , right?
15:41<aroscha>well, I guess my knowledge of linux scheduling also needs updating
15:42<jdike>it will be runnable as soon as traffic arrives
15:42<jdike>and it may run immediately
15:42<aroscha>one packet gets sent out of one instance, N-1 others get it via the bridge. They now all compete for this one packet in their select()
15:43<jdike>OK, then they will compete, but that has nothing to do with HZ
15:43<aroscha>ok... but the question is, when do they get scheduled in?
15:43<aroscha>My knowledge of HZ is that it is the basis for the timer interrupt
15:43<jdike>they will be scheduled (as in made runnable) immediately
15:44<aroscha>which is the basis for scheduling quanta
15:44<jdike>when they actually run depends on the host scheduler
15:44<jdike>quanta only matter when things are CPU-bound
15:44<jdike>it doesn't matter for I/O loads
15:45<aroscha>which is the other part for me . Every instance after gettings packets, computes dijsktra shortest paths (which is CPU bound)
15:45<aroscha>so actually, I do have a mix
15:45<aroscha>but I feel like I am missing the point with HZ
15:46<jdike>but the calculation isn't going to take 1 sec
15:46<aroscha>probably not
15:46<aroscha>it can't actually :)
15:46<aroscha>but a few ms
15:46<jdike>and changing HZ will only affect the scheduling within a UML
15:46<jdike>it sounds like there's only one thing running inside each UML
15:47<aroscha>yes, that is correct
15:47<jdike>it will reduce the number of timers that the host has to deliver
15:47<jdike>and the amount of scheduling on the host
15:49<aroscha>ok... but HZ has to be changed on the host ?
15:49<aroscha>or should I specify it while making the UML kernel
15:49<jdike>just UML
15:49<aroscha>ok, back to the shell ;-)
15:50<aroscha>(ahm "drawing board")
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16:20<aroscha>jdike: maybe stupid question , but there is no HZ option in .config in make ARCH=um
16:20<aroscha>should I just add it?
16:21<jdike>change it there
16:23<aroscha>USER_HZ too?
16:23<aroscha>ok, fine. ... let's test :)
16:23<jdike>boot one up and let it sit idle
16:24<jdike>strace the main pid, and you should see one interrupt/sec
16:24<aroscha>hehe, I like that error message: include/linux/jiffies.h:33:3: error: #error You lose.
16:24<aroscha>include/linux/jiffies.h:225:46: warning: "SHIFT_HZ" is not defined
16:25<jdike>I guess you'd better make it 12 instead
16:25<aroscha>i just saw :)
16:28<aroscha>na... I will simply set SHIFT_HZ to 4 and HZ to 1
16:28<aroscha>SHIFT_HZ is only used in clocksource_bigadjust seems like
16:29<aroscha>OMG, if I continue like that I will become a linux kernel hacker, I wanted to stay with *BSD ;-)
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16:34<aroscha>hmm.. no does not work. There is an int HZ/USER_HZ code somewhere in include/linux/jiffies.h:406
16:36<jdike>My jiffies.h is nowhere near 400 lines
16:36<jdike>more like 300
16:42<aroscha>hmm... what kernel source are you on?
16:42<aroscha>2.6.21-mm X ?
16:42<aroscha>or some thing -mm ?
16:43<aroscha>ha! include/net/inet_timewait_sock.h:42:3: error: #error Unsupported: HZ <= 16 or HZ > 4096
16:43<jdike>2.6.21 or 2.6.21-rc7-mm2
16:43<jdike>yeah, go for 16
16:43<aroscha>so here we have the answer. what HZ can be as minimum
16:43<jdike>it looks like things just don't want HZ=1
16:43<aroscha>yes, lots of trouble
16:43<aroscha>I stopped on that track
16:44<jdike>You're well into diminishing returns anyway
16:45<aroscha>by setting HZ to smthg small?
16:45<jdike>by setting it to 16
16:45<jdike>you've gotten rid of 84/sec
16:45<aroscha>i think I understood what you wanted to do.
16:45<jdike>HZ=1 gives you another 15/sec, ~16% more
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16:47<aroscha>caker yesterday mentioned that using the CFS scheduler might be a good idea. I was thinking about that. The nice thing that I get with CFS seems like complete deterministic behaviour. Which is great for network simulators
16:47<jdike>could be
16:47<aroscha>as long as the amount of work can actually be scheduled in that time
17:03<aroscha>jdike: HZ=18 and it is MUCH better!
17:04<jdike>they have time to do real work now?
17:04<aroscha>seems so
17:04<aroscha>not constantly interrupted
17:04<aroscha>i have no packetloss on the bridge
17:04<aroscha>ok, now let's try to scale up
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18:07[~]caker reads up on this VMI stuff ( )
18:07<caker>note the comments regarding UML
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18:57<jdike>I would tend to agree with Zach
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20:28<aroscha>what is actually the big difference between skas0 and skas3 ?
20:35<caker>aroscha: skas0 requires a process on the host for each UML address space, whereas skas3 uses /proc/mm
20:35<aroscha> what does that mean in terms of context switches?
20:35<caker>essentially, skas3 means only one UML process on the host, period. (well, technically it's one kernel thread, userspace, IO, and interrupt thread)
20:36<caker>Not much, but skas3 does have less overhead. So much less so, that I wouldn't consider running anything other than skas3 for our environment
20:37<aroscha>but skas0 != TT I assume?
20:37<caker>correct. In Jeff's words: skas0 is a cross between TT mode and skas3
20:37<aroscha>ah, ok... well, helps to cross check :) the docu is not 100% clear on that IMHO
20:37<caker>similar to TT mode in that it needs a host process for each UML's processes, skas3 in that it just juses them for address spaces. There is no tracing thread.
20:38<caker>skas0 replaced TT mode, and doesn't require a host kernel patch. So, in that way they're similar
20:39<aroscha>i see
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20:41<aroscha>BTW: I did not try the CFS yet... still coming
20:41<aroscha>but actually you want to customer to pay for nice levels, no? ;-)
21:08<caker>us? No, I group similar plans onto the same host
21:08<caker>and let the normal process scheduler fight it out
21:08<caker>Half as many on other Linodes on a host for twice the price, etc (twice the resources)
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