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03:53<aroscha>caker: I was joking of course
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09:56<jdike>Hi guys
09:59<kokoko1>morning jdike
10:11<kokoko1> <-- sound awesome, I wonders when it will make it into mysql main line
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13:38[~]jdike loves UML core dumping on panic
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13:46<kokoko1>look like fun :)
13:51<jdike>hey, don't knock it until you've tried it
13:58<kokoko1>heh, oki i am off now :)
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13:58<d-media>hehe hi every one
13:59<kokoko1>happy feet :P
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18:43<aroscha>does naybody know by chance how to connect tapX devices to one bridge _without_ any UML being involved?
18:43<aroscha>seems like there needs to be some userspace code involved
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18:48<albino>I don't see the current releases on the download page, am I missing something?
19:00<aroscha>ok, I think I can answer my own question with one word "vde"
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19:21<d-media>howdy every one
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19:39<aroscha>vde seems to be quite well known in the qemu world . But not for UML
19:39<aroscha>anybody running vde?
19:46<d-media>lol don't look like any ones around
19:47<aroscha>yeah, we can talk in private now ;-)
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