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09:16<shze>is it possible to have multiple cpu in an uml? i read about an ncpu option, but coudn't find it in the man page?
09:20<shze>smp-uml on a single cpu?
09:24<caker>shze: I think currently only in TT mode. UML-smp support for skas is coming
09:26<shze>caker: thanks for the answer, but coming when? are there patches?
09:26<caker>Jeff says it's done, but he hasn't released them yet
09:26<caker>so, I would think Real Soon Now
09:27<shze>ok, good, then i look into his current patches. thanks!
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14:37<d-media>hey every one
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16:00<shibz>Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question, but can anyone tell me if it would be safe to allow a hostile user to have root in UML?
16:00<shibz>like would they be able to damage the host machine?
17:12<caker>shibz: diable kernel modules
17:12<shibz>ok, thanks
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20:28<d-media>hey is the owner in of the manual website?
20:38<caker>d-media: no, his nick is jdike, and he's here on weekdays (us, eastern time)
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22:07<d-media>i see
22:07<d-media>is his e-mail on his home page?
22:09<d-media>i found it
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