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10:30<jdike>Hi guys
10:43<baroni>hi jdike
10:43<baroni>hi kokoko1
10:44<baroni>good day for everybody
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14:20<peterz>jdike: what patches should go on top of .21-rc7-mm2?
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15:31<mjf>I would like to ask whether somebody here know if the QEMU disk is suitable to be run under the UML?
15:33<mjf>I like to use QEMU to install "from CD" using debian netinst image, QEMU creates something that is viewed as "QEMU Disk" in the Debian installation. Now, I would like to start the image using UML. Is it possible?
15:34<mjf>Installing from the QEMU using the CD image is very, very nice thing. I really like it. But I do not like the idea to start such system under the QEMU, because I use UML for virtualization...
15:34<mjf>Running system under the QEMU is pretty slow :(
15:35<mjf>I do not see any advantage of doing such thing (only the installing is cute thing).
15:36<mjf>The point is I do not know how to get the "raw partiotion" from the QEMU disk. Such partition will be runable under the UML, but how to get it from the QEMU disk image?
15:58<mjf>Aha! I now realised that qemu-img utility exists. It can also do some conversion between formats. "raw" format is supported as well. I will try it and give you a report here.
15:59<mjf>BTW: There is not many howtos around (Google). If I succeed I will write one. :)
15:59<mjf>I mean, "howtos concerning qemu installation for running in UML"
16:00<mjf>Ehm, seems nobody here now. Celebrating witches day? :-)
16:23<jdike>mjf, UML has different device names
16:23<jdike>aside from that, there shouldn't be a problem
16:26<jdike>peterz, do you have a particular reason for asking?
16:26<jdike>that should be pretty good
16:27<mjf>jdike: Hello jdike :)
16:27<mjf>jdike: Your patch still works well. I have tested it in many UML's :)
16:27<jdike>which patch?
16:28<mjf>jdike: The one you learned me about using gdb few weeks ago...
16:28<mjf>jdike: It was something about /dev/pts/<x> releasement...
16:28<mjf>jdike: What sort of problems?
16:29<mjf>jdike: I mean if I create just one partition, covert the disk image to "raw" and then strip the partition table and MBR from it, I can obtain raw partition image, right?
16:29<mjf>jdike: such is usable with UML.
16:29<mjf>We will see in several minutes...
16:29<jdike>actually, the whole image is usable
16:30<jdike>you don't really need separate partition images
16:30<mjf>UML knows how to handle the MBR etc?
16:30<mjf>I think it is more than great, because if you run fdisk inside such UML, you will obtain "some" information instead of "no" information...
16:31<mjf>jdike: If I have a disk image, how can I handle several partition inside the UML?
16:31<jdike>UML ignores the MBR
16:31<jdike>it has no use for it
16:31<jdike>just use /dev/uba1, etc
16:32<caker>that's where Jeff stores his backdoors
16:32<mjf>jdike: Say, the same situation as if I was running UML on the top of some real disk image dump where there are several partitions. Is this possible via UBD? How to map it?
16:32<mjf>jdike: GREAT! I did not know it.
16:32<jdike>people don't need to know these things
16:32<jdike>it is, but you need to change device names for UML
16:33<mjf>jdike: So, instead of just using plain /dev/ubda,b,c... I can also create ubda1,a2,a3? Or how?
16:33<jdike>but ubda=/dev/hdx would work
16:33<jdike>they exist automatically if there is a partition table on the disk
16:33<mjf>Is this described in devices.txt?
16:34<mjf>I need to create the /dev/ubdX devices using mknod usually inside of the UML...
16:35<mjf>udev does not create it for me usually, dunno why :(
16:36<jdike>it should
16:36<jdike>I think that's likely a distro bug
16:36<mjf>I will see, the installation in the *** qemu is finishing now...
16:36<mjf>Yeah, I dislike Debian for few last weeks very much...
16:39<mjf>I do not understand why the hell people creating packages does not let the software hackers' configurations at their places? Why the hell I need to learn 10 different places of storing .conf files in 10 different distros? This is painful. And, by the way, the default locations from the sources seems almost everytime most reasonable to me...
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20:04<MindUs>Free phone calls all around the world -
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