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11:26<jdike>Hi guys
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11:53<kokoko1>Hiya jdike
11:53<kokoko1>No off on labor day in .us?
11:54<kokoko1>weird its started from .us and US is not taking off on 1st May :-S
11:54<jdike>it's a communist holiday
11:54<jdike>we don't do those :-)
11:54<jdike>and anyway, I don't do holidays which are holidays here
11:55<jdike>usually, I don't even notice them
11:55<jdike>except that the mail doesn't arrive
11:55<kokoko1>heh, but its all started from .us, imean the struggle for labours
11:56<jdike>Did May Day actually start here?
11:56<kokoko1>anyhow we do celebrate (officially off in our country)
11:56<jdike>there is a Labor day, but it's in Sept
11:57<jdike>guess so
11:58<kokoko1>heh all our labour union here praises the sacrifies of Chicago workers though out there addresses on 1st may :)
11:58<mikegrb>is it labor day?
11:59<mikegrb>oh mayday
12:01<kokoko1>Currently UML wins over xen in our setup, and boss is not willing to migrate critical services which are running smooth on UML to xen VMs
12:03<kokoko1>mailserver need my attention need to do something to have virtualusers/domains got spam in there .spam folders :-S
12:04<kokoko1>I was tried my best to do it via procmail, but look like procmail is not meant to do virtual users correctly *handle* now looking into maildrop f***k
12:04<kokoko1>i hate this LDA duno why
12:05<kokoko1>I will take off tomorrow boss told us its not off in .us and .ca :)
12:05<kokoko1>so 50% employees will work and other will take off alternate day
12:05<jdike>you're importing .na work schedules
12:05<jdike>or holiday schedules
12:06<kokoko1>We had a long discussion regarding this, we want holidays accorting to .pk but bosses said you get paid of money which mostly paid by .us and .ca clients :)
12:07<kokoko1>Anyhow they have to listen ;)
12:07<jdike>globalization works both ways
12:07<kokoko1>they are paying us according to .pk market not .us or .ca market value :D
12:08<kokoko1>They are losing money atm :-S, and kinda keen in firing :P
12:10<kokoko1>damn two bugy kernel-xen from fc6 folks in a row :_S
12:11<kokoko1>host "dom0" crashes randomly completely un useable, look like xen is out of fedora control
12:11<kokoko1>I put suggestion to use our on kernel for instead of looking for fc6 folks, same as will doing for uml+ skas3
12:13<kokoko1>Look at the last reply from fedora guy
12:13<kokoko1>"there is a possibility of the 2.6.21 update solving the instability problems. At least I hope so"
12:14<kokoko1>They are not sure :)
12:19[~]kokoko1 wonders if 1st May is working day why email doesn't arrive ?
12:21<kokoko1>oh you mean on USA holidays.
12:24<kokoko1>jdike, so in .us you celebrate rich people, not pooer people. :) ?
12:24<kokoko1>Labour Day is not good, It might even encourage terrorism
12:24<jdike>politicians get holidays
12:24<jdike>that's about it
12:36<kokoko1>I heard that cubian women are very pretty ? :)
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13:19<kokoko1>dude from Indonesia not shows up today
13:19<jdike>he's on holiday
13:21<kokoko1>i was talking to boss if he ever interesting in hiring out of .pk let me know
13:21<kokoko1>I have dude and he can also do sysadmins i showed him one of his article
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13:26<jdike>another patch batch to akpm
13:48[~]kokoko1 pokes jdike and disappears..
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14:05<jdike>albertito, there?
14:06<albertito>jdike: yes
14:06<jdike>the time-setting part of your patch
14:07<jdike>what's that fixing?
14:07<albertito>jdike: the first or the second part?
14:07<albertito>jdike: i mean patch
14:07<albertito>jdike: I sent two patches, the first one tried to change as little code as possible, the second one adressed Blaisorblade's comments
14:07<jdike>the later version
14:09<albertito>jdike: before applying the patch, doing a futimes() on an unlinked file wouldn't work
14:09<jdike>the original code calls utime and you make it call utimes
14:10<albertito>jdike: after that, it should (I haven't done much testing on that tho)
14:10<albertito>jdike: yeah, that was just to simplify (it is absent in the first version of the patch): there is no futime, only futimes
14:10<jdike>OK, so given that you've got a test of fd, the resulting code is a bit cleaner this way
14:11<albertito>jdike: instead of creating a buffer for utime and an array for futimes, I thought it would be cleaner to use just one mechanism. utimes and utime do pretty much the same thing
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14:39<peterz>jdike: I needed this on top of .21-rc7-mm2:
14:39<jdike>feel free to send it in
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14:39<jdike>with an Acked-by: me
14:40<peterz>ok :-)
14:46<albertito>jdike: about the patch, I never saw it on the mailing list (I read it through gmane), did it arrive properly and gmane missed it?
14:47<jdike>I used the approved-by-bb version
14:47<jdike>which he forwarded to me
14:47<albertito>jdike: hmmm, I see it on gmane's web interface, maybe there was a problem with my news fetching, sorry for the noise
14:47<jdike>yeah, it arrived on the list fine
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14:48<albertito>jdike: thanks
14:48<jdike>didn't type fast enough to get some unlogged nonsense in
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