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05:52<poppyer>hi, all , i am frequently getting "[Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory", any idea?
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08:25<jdike>Hi guys
08:25<jdike>peterz, there?
08:25<jdike>those two UML patches
08:25<jdike>didn't I see those a long time ago?
08:26<peterz>still not merged
08:26<peterz>I've been carrying them in my networked swap series
08:26<peterz>and that work is so controversial that nobody comments on it
08:26<peterz>I'm being dug a silent grave
08:26<peterz>or something
08:27<jdike>well, there's no explicit merge request, so maybe that's why
08:27<jdike>I'll stick them in my series and push them in
08:27<peterz>yeah, I put that in this one
08:27<peterz>something like; if no maintainer comments, I'll see that as acceptance and push for merge
08:28<jdike>you sent to a bunch of lists, but not to akpm or linus
08:28<peterz>akpm was included
08:28<jdike>oh yeah
08:28<jdike>missed that
08:28<peterz>Linus thinks I'm daft
08:28<peterz>well, he thinks the concept is
08:32<jdike>OK, I'll drop them in my tree and see if they end up in -mm
08:32<jdike>if not, then I'll send them myself
08:32<caker>jdike: hello
08:32<peterz>ok, thanks
08:32<jdike>caker, how's about that boot hang?
08:33<caker>jdike: still nothing, but I've got something else ...
08:33<caker> <-- doesn't happen with 2.4-um
08:35<jdike>let me see if I see that here
08:38<jdike>there's absolutely nothing running
08:38<jdike>except the ps
08:39<jdike>nothing has accumulated any time
08:42<caker>I booted Ubuntu with init=/bin/bash and its loadavg is 0
08:42<caker>I've been getting a lot of reports of this; so perhaps it's something with one of the popular distros
08:43<jdike>I'm surprised people notice
08:43<caker>people freak...
08:44<caker>ZOMG LOADAVG
08:44<jdike>the OP is running Fedora
08:44<jdike>and I've got FC6 looking like it's settling down to 0
08:44<caker>what could it be [in userspace] that doesn't do this under 2.4?
08:44<caker>something TLS/NPTL related?
08:44<jdike>something would be getting time
08:45<jdike>unless it's a short-lived process
08:45<jdike>but it would have to be there ~40% of the time
08:45<jdike>and pids would be increasing
08:46<jdike>root 2548 0.0 0.1 1620 424 tty0 Ss+ 22:11 0:00 /sbin/mingetty tty0
08:46<jdike>root 2629 0.0 0.9 8024 2380 ? Ss 22:20 0:00 sshd: npk [priv]
08:46<jdike>81 processes ran and exited between that getty and the sshd
08:48[~]caker tries with FC6
08:48<jdike> 09:44:03 up 8 min, 1 user, load average: 0.48, 0.26, 0.12
08:48<jdike>not tending towards 0
08:54<jdike>gotta be a kernel thing
08:54<jdike>I just watched top for a few minutes - no random processes coming and going
08:55<jdike>load ave ~.4 - .5
08:55<caker>it seemed fine with my default FC6 depoyment .. going to pull in updates to see if that triggers it
08:57<poppyer>hi, is there any way to open a port forwarding when using eth0:slirp?
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09:11<caker>]# uptime
09:11<caker> 10:11:22 up 9 min, 1 user, load average: 0.30, 0.29, 0.19
09:12[~]caker stops everything
09:16<caker> <-- jdike
09:16<jdike>nothing there except the load
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09:24<jdike>looks like kjournald
09:24<jdike>but top never shows it as D
10:09<jdike>the load settles down for ~5 minutes, then it picks up to ~.4
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10:13<caker>and yet, no time is accounted for
10:14<caker>no phantom processes consuming pids, over the last 50 minutes, either
10:14<caker>root 2692 0.0 0.6 4208 932 tty0 R+ 10:15 0:00 ps aux
10:14<caker> 10:15:58 up 14 min, 1 user, load average: 0.38, 0.31, 0.20
10:14<caker>root 2695 0.0 0.6 4212 932 tty0 R+ 11:12 0:00 ps aux
10:14<caker> 11:12:35 up 1:10, 1 user, load average: 0.38, 0.31, 0.27
10:15<caker>everything reports 0 cputime (killdashnine, no more cpu time)
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10:15<caker>my flow is like reentrand and preemptive multitasking
10:20<jdike>I'm seeing something start being running every other clock tick
10:20<jdike>doesn't show in ps or top
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10:28<jdike>it's the idle thread
10:28<caker>kind of humorous, isn't it?
10:28<jdike>yeah :-)
10:29<jdike>40% idle, 60% really idle
10:32<jdike>innocent choices come back and bite you
10:32<jdike> idle_sleep(10);
10:32<jdike>meaning the idle loop sleeps for 10 secs, sees nothing going on, goes back to sleep
10:33<jdike>#define LOAD_FREQ (5*HZ) /* 5 sec intervals */
10:33<jdike>the load is averaged every 5 secs
10:35<caker>so .. LOAD_FREQ and idle_sleep should be the same, so load calc doesn't "see" the idle loop waking up?
10:35<jdike>they fall into sync with each other
10:36<jdike>so every other load calculation, it sees the idle loop in the middle of waking up and going back to sleep
10:36<jdike>hence a load of ~.5
10:42<jdike>something else is going on
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10:47<jdike>change it to sleep for 61 seconds and it still wakes up every 10
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12:10<jdike>caker, I may have a patch for you
12:10<caker>may? :)
12:11[~]caker fires up for jdike
12:11<jdike>waiting for it to chill a bit longer before declaring victory
12:11<caker>what's the word?
12:12<jdike> 13:07:19 up 8 min, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.03, 0.02
12:15<jdike> 13:10:20 up 11 min, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00
12:15<jdike>I'll consider this to be goodness
12:15<jdike>let me remove all the debugging crap from the patch
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12:30<jdike>caker, you want the version I'm going to send in?
12:30<jdike>identical code, just changelogged and signed-off-by
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12:45<jdike>it takes 12 minutes, but loads do end up at 0
12:45<jdike> 13:34:18 up 12 min, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
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15:59<caker>jdike: hey -- was afk
15:59[~]caker tries to grok the patch
16:15<caker>jdike: hmm, did your 3/3 patch make it out of your MUA?
16:17<jdike>I've got it in my uml folder
16:18<caker>it's MIA on my end, both from uml-user and LKML
16:18[~]caker gives the evileye to Thunderbird
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16:19<caker>gd, is slow
16:19<jdike>it ain't there either
16:20<caker> <- it is there
16:20<jdike>as well, plain text, easier to pipe into patch
16:21<caker>500 - Internal Server Error
16:24<caker>so, let me guess what the problem was (or make something up): it updates UML's ticker before doing the process accounting?
16:24<caker>s/problem was/fix does
16:25<jdike>I'm not actually sure
16:26<jdike>but there was something bad about allowing a schedule to happen in the timer interrupt before the tick was actually delivered
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17:34<amitg>strange, kernel in UML won't boot if I give SLAB_DEBUG_* flag options to kmem_cache_create
17:34<amitg>if I remove those, it does.
17:34<amitg>is it a known issue? 2.6.18
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17:47<jdike>does it happen with 2.6.21?
17:47<amitg>not sure, but would be easy to check
17:47<amitg>add those flags to any kmem_cache_create
17:48<amitg>since those flags are not used in any code so far, it may not be tested yet
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