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08:09<jdike>Hi guys
08:09<caker>jdike: morning
08:09[~]caker idles at 0.00
08:09<caker>jdike: thanks for the patch
08:09<jdike>hehe cool
08:10<jdike>It should be in rc1
08:10<caker>jdike: got a few minutes for PM?
08:10<jdike>along with ~60 other patches that Andrew sent last night
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10:58[~]jdike implements irq stacks
10:58<jdike>Adding 33181696 bytes to physical memory to account for exec-shield gap
10:58<jdike>Segmentation fault (core dumped)
10:58<jdike>woohoo, works great
11:03<peterz>uhm, sure :-)
11:03<peterz>you're running signals on their own stack?
11:06<jdike>trying to
11:06<jdike>I want 4KSTACKS
11:07<peterz>a good and proper goal
11:29<jdike>works better
11:51<dgraves>jdike: we want 4k stacks too. :)
11:51<dgraves>and a pony.
11:54<jdike>working fine even though it's racy still
12:03<dgraves>racy is fast, right? ;)
12:04<jdike>and crashy too! twice the fun
12:04<dgraves>long as its spectacular, millions will watch and pay for it!
12:10[~]peterz hands jdike a spinlock to plug the race
12:13<jdike>it's interrupts racing each other
12:20<dgraves>jdike: teach them some manners then.
12:21<jdike>full of useful suggestions
12:45<dgraves>and *that's* why you'll never hire me. :)
12:56<jdike>that's far from the top of the list :-)
12:58<dgraves>buggers. i mean, i could have fixed that one. :)
12:58[~]dgraves wonders what could surmount having too many useful suggestions???
12:58<dgraves>i mean, that's a deal breaker so many times....
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15:09<the_hydra>hi all
15:09<the_hydra>caker: hi, did you see dgraves lately?
15:10<caker>!seen dgraves
15:10<linbot>caker: dgraves was last seen in #uml 2 hours, 11 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <dgraves> i mean, that's a deal breaker so many times....
15:10<caker>yup. :)
15:10<the_hydra>oh ok :)
15:10[~]caker pets linbot
15:10<the_hydra>caker: :)
15:15<dgraves>wow, that's cool. :)
15:16<dgraves>the_hydra: they stopped irc access from work for a while there.
15:16<dgraves>but we filed a bug. :)
15:17<the_hydra>dgraves: hi allan
15:17<the_hydra>dgraves: sorry was away
15:17<the_hydra>dgraves: how's life lately?
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15:17<caker>take that.
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16:01<the_hydra>jdike: hi jeff
16:02<the_hydra>jdike: between AMD and Intel, what do you suggest if I want the best system for virtualization?
16:02<jdike>you know who I work for, right?
16:03<jdike>you know there's a real conflict of interest on my part, right?
16:03<the_hydra>ok, let me rephrase, Intel VT already support shadow paging?
16:03<jdike>that I don't know
16:04<the_hydra>hm ok
16:04<the_hydra>jdike: np, I really appreciate your honesty on the "interest" part
16:05<the_hydra>jdike: it's like when someone asked me "dude, whats the best IT mag in your country"...
16:05<jdike>it'd be yours?
16:05<the_hydra>statistically, by the number of buyers, I can say "yes"
16:06<the_hydra>and subscribers, I mean
16:07<the_hydra>however, I contribute to this magazine because of one reason... it may appear funny for you
16:07<the_hydra>it talks almost none about Linux...
16:08<the_hydra>99% it talks and discusses WIndows
16:10<the_hydra>btw, before I go offline, I wanna ask something really OOT, anybody here use Beryl for desktop effect?
16:10<the_hydra>if yes, pls pm
16:12<the_hydra>cya all
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17:55<scoates>I have a spare public IP that I'd like to map directly to my UML instance. The HOWTO doesn't cover this (it seems). Where can I read about how to do this?
18:00<jdike>it's not different from a private IP
18:01<scoates>right. I understand that private/public are the same
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18:02<scoates>in that document, though, you have 0.254 (host) and 0.253 (UML)
18:02<jdike>feel free to substitute your own numbers
18:03<scoates>the main constraint being that it must be different from the IP address you specified in the eth0=... description above.
18:03<scoates>I have a single IP.
18:03<jdike>you said you have a spare
18:04<scoates>I mean I have an IP I can dedicate to the UML box
18:04<scoates>is the host, in this case, the actual host's main IP?
18:04<jdike>you can reuse a host IP on the eth0=...
18:07<scoates>say I have a box at, I also own my host's IP is; I want to make the UML would I use eth0=tuntap,,, ? (and would I have to set up the host's eth0:0 (for example) as
18:07<scoates>(ignore that 10 is private space for a minute)
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18:08<jdike>well, you already know that the tap and UML eth devices need different IPs
18:09<scoates>ah, right
18:09<jdike>now you're proposing to make them the same
18:09<scoates>so, I'd make the tap side
18:09<scoates>and the host would do the routing for
18:10<scoates>( is my mail server, for example)
18:10<scoates>ah, ok
18:10<jdike>BTW, eth0:0 has no role here
18:10<scoates>right.. if routes for, then that makes sense
18:10<scoates>the host wouldn't even have as one of its interfaces, right?
18:11<jdike>it looks like the host has a little network behind it
18:11<scoates>and it proxies arp?
18:11<scoates>(ie, the switch routes directly to the host's eth0)
18:11<scoates>got it. thanks
18:11<jdike>the uml_net helper will do all this for you
18:12<jdike>but you need to trust whoever is inside UML in this case
18:12<scoates>that's ok
18:12<scoates>whoever's root inside the UML, you mean, right?
18:13<jdike>if UML root changes its eth0 IP, the ever-so-helpful uml_net will fiddle the host routing and arp accordingly
18:13<scoates>right.. that's ok. I'll be using it for some demo virtual hosting anyway
18:13<jdike>so a bad root could pretend to be the net's nameserver
18:13<scoates>thanks for your help
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19:40<caker>hmm, another user hanging at mounting ext3 fs readonly
19:40<caker>centos 4 this time
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20:25[~]jdike wonders about making an mconsole panic command
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