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07:41<jdike>Hi guys
07:45<kokoko1>HIya jdike
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12:23<scoates>hi again
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12:53<the_hydra>hi all
12:54<the_hydra>kokoko1: got your message...
12:54<kokoko1>the_hydra, cool
13:00<kokoko1>the_hydra, email your info?
13:00<kokoko1>you email*
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13:21<kokoko1>heh too quick to quit
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14:05[~]kokoko1 disappears
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21:51<elliottf>im having trouble getting uml to boot
21:51<elliottf>it is hanging on
21:51<elliottf>VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
21:52<elliottf>in using a fedora 6 with kernel 2.6.18-1.2849.fc6 as the host
21:52<elliottf>the guest is
21:53<elliottf>which i got from
21:53<elliottf>and im using root_fs_toms1.7.205 for the fs
21:54<elliottf>i created a cow using this command
21:54<elliottf>uml_mkcow root_fs root_fs_toms1.7.205
21:56<elliottf>anyone have any insight?
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22:28<caker>elliottf: hello
22:28<caker>elliottf: that's a bug we've been trying to reproduce. It does it every time with that config?
22:28<elliottf>ive yet to be able to boot it
22:28<caker>awesome -- I'll let Jeff (jdike) know about it tomorrow
22:28<elliottf>im new to uml
22:29<elliottf>but ive got it on more than one machine
22:29<elliottf>very similar setups tho
22:29<caker>try another root_fs
22:29<elliottf>ive tried about 7
22:29<elliottf>same thing
22:30<elliottf>here another one tho
22:30<elliottf>the machines giving me that are just x86
22:30<elliottf>the one im on now is x86_64
22:30<elliottf>and it give me something else and dies
22:30<elliottf>one sec ill cp it
22:30<caker>that I probably can't help you with
22:30<caker>as I haven't messed with x86_64 yet
22:30<caker>Mind trying one of these: ?
22:31<caker>(kernel binaries)
22:31<elliottf>this isnt a linode tho
22:31<caker>that's ok
22:31<elliottf>not really sure what that is anyway really
22:31<elliottf>which one?
22:31<caker>one sec
22:31<elliottf>you want me to try it on the non 64bit machines?
22:32<caker>yeah, but let me upload one we're using that works fine
22:34<elliottf>how do i use this i normally build the source
22:34<elliottf>just execute it?
22:34<caker>chmod 755 filename; ./filename ubda=...
22:35<elliottf>i dont use ubd0=?
22:35<caker>either or .. ubda is more proper
22:35<elliottf>hrm i should probably note that i get this msg right before the line it hangs on
22:35<elliottf> ubda: unknown partition table
22:36<caker>that just means the entire virtual hard disk is used for the filesystem. In other words, it is not partitioned
22:37<elliottf>i dont need to specify a ubda if its called root_fs in the current dir right/
22:37<caker>I think so
22:39<elliottf>it hangs at the same place
22:40<elliottf>only diffrence i notice right off is the raid msgs
22:43<elliottf>so does this mean anything?
22:44<caker>Not sure. I'll forward this stuff to Jeff
22:45<caker>Do me a favor?
22:46<caker>ulimit -c unlimited; run one of those UMLs, and in another window kill -11 the topmost UML pid
22:46<caker>not sure if this is going to work, as I
22:46<caker>.. I'm not sure how to make UML produce a core file, but give that a shot
22:46<caker>make sure it's the kernel I gave you, please
22:48<elliottf>its that bin
22:48<elliottf>so before i run the uml
22:48<elliottf>do ulimit -c unlimited
22:48<elliottf>then run it
22:48<caker>yes, in the same shell
22:48<elliottf>open another window
22:49<elliottf>and do kill -ll
22:49<caker>ps auxhf <-=- look for the top-most UML pid, then: kill -11 <thatpidnumber>
22:50<elliottf>elliottf 31157 56.2 0.5 33620 11644 pts/6 R+ 23:49 0:25 \_ linux-
22:50<elliottf>elliottf 31166 0.0 0.5 33620 11644 pts/6 S+ 23:49 0:00 \_ linux-
22:50<elliottf>elliottf 31167 0.0 0.5 33620 11644 pts/6 S+ 23:49 0:00 \_ linux-
22:50<elliottf>elliottf 31168 0.0 0.5 33620 11644 pts/6 S+ 23:49 0:00 \_ linux-
22:50<elliottf>elliottf 31169 44.1 0.0 88 88 pts/6 R+ 23:49 0:19 \_ [linux]
22:50<elliottf>it would be the first one there?
22:51<caker>kill -11 31157
22:51<elliottf>ok did that
22:51<elliottf>its still running tho
22:53<caker>out of ideas .. thanks for trying
22:53<caker>Jeff is usually around 10-6 or so, eastern
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23:49<ds2>Hi, I can't seem to get UML to compile with stock; it does not properly generate Any pointers/suggestions?
23:52<peterz>care to share the compile error?
23:52<ds2>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
23:52<ds2>one sec
23:53<ds2> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.2/../../../../i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld:arch/um/kernel/ ignoring invalid character `#' in expression
23:53<ds2> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.2/../../../../i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld:arch/um/kernel/ parse error
23:53<ds2>getting the first few lines of
23:54<ds2>the first few 2 lines are:
23:54<ds2># 1 "arch/um/kernel/"
23:54<ds2># 1 "<built-in>"
23:54<ds2>if I strip out the comments, the first line is:
23:55<ds2>which appears to be something that should have been expanded by the define
23:55<peterz>have you tried a non ancient compiler?
23:55<ds2>ancient? what do you mean
23:56<peterz>I know 3.2 should still work; but you never knoe
23:56<ds2>I have tried gcc 3.2, and gcc 4.1
23:56<peterz>ah, ok
23:56<ds2>same results; even upgarded make to the latest on
23:56<ds2>bin utils is 2.17
23:57<peterz>right; thats fairly up-to-date
23:57<peterz>should all work then - lemme grab 21.1
23:57<ds2>same thing with
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