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01:13<peterz>ds2: 21.1 um defconfig build just fine here
01:14<ds2>let me try it again with just defconfig
01:34<ds2>nope, same failure; the sequence I used was: untar; cp arch/um/defconfig .config; make ARCH=um oldconfig; make ARCH=um
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01:42|-|[gusti] changed the topic of #uml: hi guys ,where i can find a documentation about building uml on 64 bit
01:43<peterz>I did: make ARCH=um defconfig; make ARCH=um -j5
01:44<peterz>gusti: how is that a problem?
01:44<ds2>I will try that then
01:44<peterz>gusti: please, change the topic back
01:44<gusti>hot to do that?
01:44<gusti>how to do that?
01:45<gusti>sorry im still new on irc ;)
01:45<peterz>well, you changed it just now; do it again, but put back what was in there
01:45<gusti>i didt mean to change it,
01:46<gusti>when i log on
01:46<gusti>it automatically change based on what i have inputed
01:47|-|[peterz] changed the topic of #uml: Welcome to #UML - current releases: 2.4.32-bs3 | 2.6.16-bs2 | http://user-mode-linu
01:47<gusti>peterz :sorry
01:47|-|[peterz] changed the topic of #uml: Welcome to #UML - current releases: 2.4.32-bs3 | 2.6.16-bs2 | (Mainpage) | (communitypage) | (SKAS/guest -bb and -bs patches) | (Wiki page for documentation) | (#uml channel logs and stats)
01:48<peterz>gusti: is ok
01:48<peterz>building uml on x86_64 is just the same as on i386; just do: make ARCH=um defconfig; make ARCH=um
01:48<gusti>yup i do that but something happen
01:49<gusti>i forget the error messages,
01:49<gusti>ill try it again,an ill report to u later
01:52<ds2>peterz: what version of bash do you have?
01:53<ds2>let me upgrade bash and retry; that box has 1.14.7(1)
01:53<peterz>that is _very_ old
01:53<ds2>this box has roots in SLS =)
02:03<ds2> looks reasonable now...looks like that was it
02:22<ds2>it works!!!!!!
02:48<peterz>yay :-)
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12:06<elliottf>anyone here who can help me with the problem of hanging during booting at VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
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16:55<elliottf>anyone here fimilar with uml 2.6 hanging during boot at...
16:55<elliottf> VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
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18:06<ds2>define 'hanging'
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19:23<ds2>is your root image known to work? i.e. valid init, etc?
19:28<mikegrb>elliottf: try rebooting a few times? iirc that is how we fix it
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19:46<gusti>hi guys
19:46<gusti>how i can redirect command output both to file and console
19:47<gusti>before im using comand >& file.txt
19:47<gusti>but its only output to file
19:47<caker>gusti: man tee
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22:46<elliottf>by hanging i mean it goes no further
22:46<elliottf>ive tried a few different filesystems
22:46<elliottf>they all hang there
22:46<elliottf>ive also tried a few kernel versions
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23:43<elliottf>does uml just have issues with newer host kernels or what
23:44<elliottf>ive tried getting to work on fc6 and the newest ubuntu
23:44<elliottf>neither have been completly successful
23:44<elliottf>ubuntu got alot farther but still doesnt completly boot
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