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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-05-13

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01:25<gusti>hi guys
01:25<gusti>ive compile kernel 2.6 using make defconfig ARCH=um
01:26<gusti>but when i log in using
01:26<gusti>./linux ubd0=root_fs_slack...
01:26<gusti>i got this error
01:26<gusti>request module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c
01:27<gusti>5 line
01:27<gusti>and i cant kill it using ctrl-c
01:28<gusti>any idea?
01:28<gusti>i compile the kernel on fedoracore6 x86_64
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03:10<gusti>anyone ever run uml on fedora6 64 bit?
03:11<gusti>i got this message when run on it :
03:12<peterz>yeah, works like a charm here
03:12<gusti>request_module:runawan loop modprobe binfmt-464
03:12<peterz>well, not technically fc6, rawhide here
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03:36<gusti>peterz: sorry i cant see your previous message
03:36<gusti>is it an issue when running uml on 64 bit?
03:50<gusti>is there an issue when running uml on 64 bit
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11:17<bandi>need help in reverse patch
11:18<bandi>using patch -R < patchfile dosnt work
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15:17<the_hydra>hi all
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