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09:07<the_hydra>hi all
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09:26<kokoko1>hiya the_hydra
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10:30<AntiInit>amd64 skas 2.6.16
10:30<AntiInit>VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly.
10:30<AntiInit>Kernel panic - not syncing: map_stub_pages : /proc/mm map for code failed, err = 22
10:31<AntiInit>need to get teh fekin thing workin
10:34<AntiInit>the answer may not be amd64 bit support is limited.
10:46<caker>!errno 22
10:46<linbot>caker: EINVAL (#22): Invalid argument
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11:07<AntiInit>i dont know enough to even begin to understand where the problem may be, but given my recent experiences with amd64, my finger is firmly pointed in that direction.
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12:08<kokoko1>caker, around?
12:12<kokoko1>How much RAM should we leave for host, atm we are running 7 UML on host a host with 2G RAM. UMLs got 1536M of RAM, which left 512M for the host. However atm we are in a sitution where we want to increase one of our UML ram which is going lot of swapping due running apache + mysql.
12:13<kokoko1>Due you thinks we can get 128M from host without effective host?
12:17<kokoko1>s/due/Do :)
12:50<AntiInit>is it possible to remove 64 bit support from the host kernel?
12:51<caker>kokoko1: yes, I do. The host needs very little. How much it has in swap is a good indicator
12:52<caker>kokoko1: also, echo 10 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
12:52<kokoko1>caker, thanks :)
12:52<caker>^-- will help keep the host from paging out
12:53<kokoko1>caker, swappiness is 60 atm
12:54<caker>yeah, that's the default
12:56<kokoko1>caker, you want me to set swappiness on host right?
12:56<kokoko1>caker, what about setting swappiness inside UML gives any benefit?
12:57<kokoko1>Just curious :)
12:57<caker>that's up to you. It's a trade off between a smaller cache requiring more disk hits because less is swapped
12:57<caker>or the other way around
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13:46<kokoko1>I hate power outages :(
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17:47<jdike>Hi guys
17:47[~]jdike checks in briefly from Shanghai before going to work
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