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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-05-21

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10:20<jdike>Hi guys
10:20<peterz>hey jeff
10:21<jdike>Back from a week in Shanghai
10:24<kokoko1>Welcome back jdike
10:24<kokoko1>you were the missing one :)
10:34<kokoko1>hmm you were in Shanghai for pleasure or business :)?
10:35<jdike>Visiting Intel's Shanghai site
10:35<jdike>they made me do four talks in five days
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10:38<dgraves>morning jdike.
10:38<dgraves>were they good talks?
10:39<jdike>Of course!
10:39<jdike>Oh ye of little faith
10:46<kokoko1>I wonders if you have to talk in chiness :D
10:48<jdike>they speak decent English
10:49<jdike>enough so that they held most of their weekly status meeting in English because I was there
10:51<dgraves>that's kinda cool.
10:51<dgraves>but you at least could ask where the bathroom was. :)
10:51<dgraves>did your wife go with you?
10:52<jdike>Shanghai doesn't interest her
10:53<jdike>Speaking of the bathroom, they had signs above the urinals requesting that you stand within 30 cm
11:56[~]dgraves wonders if this is an common occurrance...
11:56<dgraves>shanghai is supposed to be really clean, isn't it?
11:57<jdike>The streets are cleaned continuously
11:57<jdike>the air is wretched
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12:18<dgraves>gee, sounds like most places. clean streets, dirty air. :(
12:18<the_hydra>dgraves: your town?
12:19<dgraves>the_hydra: no, just general us. make it a clean appearance, but everything else you put in your body doesn't matter.
12:20<jdike>Shanghai, in this case
12:20<the_hydra>jdike: oh shanghai
12:20<the_hydra>dgraves: at least you got the "clean ", we get mud...lots of them
12:34[~]jdike cleans out ~10 test kernels from his other test box
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13:24[~]kokoko1 *yawns*
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13:49<dgraves>jdike: don't pollute the air with them!
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