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09:39<jdike>Hi guys
09:45<kokoko1>Hiya jdike
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10:37<linux__alien>hey can someone help me with this ? I want my linux box to act as 3 pcs . i mean i want to simulate the other 2 pcs and want to establish a OSPF, BGP session. I read through the following link and i feel its possible could someone tell me how to install UML in FC6? I am running Fedora Stock Kernel
10:37<linux__alien>This is the link which explains it
10:39<jdike>did you look at the link I posted in kernelnewbies?
10:45<linux__alien>jdike, i am installing it by reading through the link that you pasted in kernelnewbies but will UML screw up my existing FC6 Setup and Kernel ?
10:46<jdike>will installing bash or ls screw up your existing kernel?
10:46<jdike>same thing - UML is just another app
10:48<linux__alien>jdike, Oh the link that you pasted i first thought that i ve to recompile a kernel
11:07<linux__alien>jdike, i did whats given in the link and i executed as given in that link but it starts and its just stopped in this place
11:08<linux__alien>EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
11:08<linux__alien>VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly.
11:08<linux__alien>what do i do
11:08<linux__alien>any ideas
11:08<linux__alien>i am using FC6
11:08<jdike>and it hangs there?
11:08<linux__alien>jdike, yes
11:08<jdike>what UML version is that?
11:10<linux__alien>jdike, its 2.6.19 rc5
11:10<jdike>How do you feel about building a newer version of UML?
11:11<jdike>Of course, maybe I should put a newer UML up
11:11<jdike>let me do that first
11:11<linux__alien>jdike, i dont have to build a new kernel right ? if yes then i am ready :-) coz i desparately need to make my system simulate 3 boxes and i need to estabish a BGP session between these 3 simulated hosts
11:12<linux__alien> Hang after 'VFS: Mounted root...'
11:12<linux__alien> The VDSOs provided by the host kernel are confusing UML. Until this is fixed in UML, a workaround to to disable CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO on the host.
11:12<linux__alien>The web site says something like this how do i disable this
11:12<jdike>yeah, but it's fixed in UML
11:12<linux__alien>Oh !!!
11:14<linux__alien>jdike, one sec i am ready to build a UML before with this let me try whether my requirement works with UML . So with this version how do i disable that ?
11:14<linux__alien>jdike, if this works i will immediately build a version of UML so parallely can you tell me how to disable that CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO ?
11:15<jdike>it involves rebuilding the host kernel by the looks of it
11:15<caker> <-- kernel if you want immediate satisfaction
11:15<caker>it's a UML binary
11:16<jdike>I'm uploading a newer UML now, too
11:17<jdike>download again
11:17<jdike>you'll get 2.6.22-rc2
11:20<linux__alien>jdike, where should i download it from ?
11:20<linux__alien>Can you give me the link please?
11:20<jdike>the same link you downloaded from before
11:21<linux__alien>jdike, Oh Great. So you are the maintainer of UML?
11:21<linux__alien>jdike, or are you Rusty Russell? :-)
11:21<linux__alien>jdike, may i know your name?
11:21<jdike>the j is Jeff
11:21<linux__alien>jdike, Oh :-)
11:22<linux__alien>jdike, can you do me a favour of just looking into a link and let me know whether its possible with UML?
11:22<linux__alien>if you dont mind
11:22<linux__alien>This is the link
11:23<jdike>running Zebra or BGP or something?
11:23<jdike>it'll work fine
11:23<linux__alien>:-) i need to establish a TCP session for which i need 2 hosts atmost (simulated ones )
11:25<linux__alien>jdike, i am sorry but the same result
11:26<linux__alien>jdike, it again hangs at the same place
11:26<jdike>can I have access to that system?
11:26<jdike>there have been some reports of this, but I haven't been able to get access to a system on which it happens
11:27<linux__alien>yes i am using pppoe connection and my IP is
11:27<linux__alien>thats the system i am using right now to speak to you
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11:28<linux__alien>jdike, are you able to log on to it ?
11:28<jdike>ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
11:28<linux__alien>jdike, i dont have firewall running also
11:29<linux__alien>its disabled
11:29<linux__alien>how about telnet?
11:29<jdike>there's no way you should be running telnetd
11:29<jdike>but let me try
11:29<linux__alien>i guess that wont also work :-(
11:29<jdike>telnet: connect to address Connection refused
11:29<linux__alien>Oh My God
11:29<jdike>no router between you and the internet?
11:30<linux__alien>no :-(
11:30<linux__alien>i connect to my ISP straight . Its a PPPOE connection :-(
11:30<linux__alien>i dont have a router
11:31<linux__alien>how about some sort of X ?
11:31<linux__alien>but my friend on the other day was able to connect to my system
11:31<linux__alien>helped me with a weird problem with kernel
11:31<jdike>do you have sshd running?
11:32<linux__alien>jdike started it now
11:32<linux__alien>try now?
11:32<jdike>now pm me a username and password
11:32<linux__alien>jdike, works?
11:33<linux__alien>jdike, you need my user name or the super user name?
11:33<jdike>make a jdike account and pm me the password
11:33<jdike>I don't want to know either your password or your root password :-)
11:33<linux__alien>the user name is jdike and pwd is temp
11:34<jdike>OK, good
11:34<jdike>where is the UML binary and filesystem?
11:34<linux__alien>let me copy that into your home dir
11:35<linux__alien>The file system is getting copied
11:35<linux__alien>the UML binary is copied
11:38<linux__alien>The file system is taking a lot of time to get copied
11:38<the_hydra>why not just soft link to it?
11:39<linux__alien>:-) Good idea
11:39<jdike>where is this?
11:39<jdike>Tue May 22 22:09:24 IST 2007
11:39<linux__alien>jdike, India
11:40<linux__alien>jdike, ve created a soft link
11:40<linux__alien>just try whether it works
11:40<linux__alien>ve copied the UML binary
11:40<linux__alien>in your home dir
11:40<jdike>I see a 1.3G file
11:41<linux__alien>then is it copied?
11:41<jdike>also chown them to me
11:41<jdike>is the original 1318436864 bytes?
11:42<linux__alien>no :-(
11:42<linux__alien>then delete it
11:42<linux__alien>i ll create a soft link
11:42<linux__alien>is that ok?
11:42<linux__alien>will that work?
11:42<jdike>I'll need write access to it
11:43<linux__alien>i ve enabled write access in my directory
11:43<jdike>nope, you made a link to itself
11:43<jdike>ln -s /full/path/to/original /home/jdike/FedoraCore5-x86-root_fs
11:44<linux__alien>ln: accessing `/home/jdike/FedoraCore5-x86-root_fs': Too many levels of symbolic links
11:44<jdike>it points to itself
11:44<jdike>oh, remove it first
11:44<jdike>the symlink, that is
11:44<linux__alien>how do i remove it ?
11:44<linux__alien>i am confused
11:44<linux__alien>which one?
11:44<linux__alien>yours ?
11:45<jdike>rm /home/jdike/FedoraCore5-x86-root_fs
11:45<linux__alien>now check
11:46<jdike>the link is good, but I don't have permission to look in your home dir
11:46<jdike>so, no
11:46<jdike>remove it again, and make a hard link
11:46<jdike>no -s after the ln
11:47<jdike>looks good, hole on
11:47<jdike>awesome, it hangs
11:47<linux__alien>sure :-)
11:47<linux__alien>Great so can you fix it :-D for me ?
11:48<jdike>for you and a few other people
11:49<linux__alien>:-) Thanks a lot
11:49<jdike>how good is your bandwidth?
11:49<jdike>I'm gonna need a source tree
11:49<linux__alien>its reasonably good
11:50<linux__alien>i think you can go ahead
11:51<jdike>42M, ETA is 15 minutes
11:51<jdike>your surfing will suck until then :-)
11:56<linux__alien>jdike, i would like to contribute to this project .can i be a part of it ? atleast for this sort of testing i can do and then probably into bug fixing then
11:57<linux__alien>jdike, can you add me to the testing list if you dont mind
11:57<jdike>well, there is no testing list
11:57<linux__alien>jdike, the developer list is t? :-)
11:57<jdike>people just download it and let me know about problems
11:58<linux__alien>jdike, ok but a suggestion it would be better if we can have a mailing list for testing and a bugzilla
11:58<linux__alien>jdike, how do i become a member of this project now ?
11:58<linux__alien>if you dont mind i dont know whether you mind :-)
11:59<jdike>you join the mailling lists
11:59<linux__alien>jdike, ok then ?
11:59<jdike>there is no official joining of the project
11:59<jdike>you do things, and that makes you part of it
12:00<linux__alien>jdike, does this thing make me part of it ? :-)
12:00<linux__alien>jdike, Great so dont mistake me will you ?
12:01<jdike>mistake you?
12:01<linux__alien>jdike, will my name be listed anywhere in the site i mean atleast as a tester or a helper or with some designation?
12:01<linux__alien>jdike, i ve contributed to some open source projects too
12:01<linux__alien>its in
12:01<jdike>you want to be mentioned in the changelog entry for the bug fix?
12:02<linux__alien>jdike, place where you list your people i mean the people who have helped you and helping you in this project
12:02<linux__alien>i mean like what other sf projects have
12:03<linux__alien>i am not forcing you but just i dont have a word to describe this feeling :-)
12:04<the_hydra>imho, just contribute..eventually, your name will be all over the place in the Net
12:05<the_hydra>and who knows, you hook up with a sexy chick?
12:06<jdike>OK, got it
12:06<linux__alien>the_hydra, yes true i absolutely agree with you but just to encourage me just wanted to know whether this would give me an entry in that list
12:07<linux__alien>the_hydra, some sort of a small pat on my back :-)
12:07<jdike>there is no list, that's the thing
12:07<linux__alien>jdike, :-(
12:08<linux__alien>jdike, in the buglets and cleanups ?
12:08<linux__alien>or other contributions :-)
12:09<linux__alien>its left to you :-)
12:09<jdike>that list hasn't been updated in years
12:10<linux__alien>jdike, Oh ......... Ok atleast for this patch so that it would really encourage me just a small sort of feather in my cap :-)
12:10<linux__alien>i really respect this
12:11<linux__alien>jdike, more important is this fixed ?
12:12<jdike>I'm still setting up a tree
12:12<linux__alien>jdike, was it fast enough?
12:12<jdike>bandwidth is OK, machine is pretty quikc
12:13<linux__alien>jdike, i cannot afford to increase my bandwidth :-( i am sorry for the slow speed
12:13<linux__alien>jdike, AMD 64
12:14<jdike>np, I shouldn't need any more downloads at this point
12:15<linux__alien>jdike, i would be really happy that if the bug is fixed and i was helpful in fixing this bug or rather simulating this bug :-)
12:16<jdike>If I fix it, you will be the first to let me reproduce it
12:17<jdike>actually, you are the first to let me reproduce it
12:17<jdike>I just need to figure out what's going on
12:17<linux__alien>ok great
12:17<linux__alien>i badly need this UML for the routing purposes i am quite good in routing aspects and routing protocols especially BGP
12:18<linux__alien>i guess once i start using it i can even try to find something more bugs also and make this application a more perfect one in the near future
12:19<jdike>OK, the rebuilt UML still hangs
12:19<linux__alien>jdike, Oh My God
12:28<linux__alien>any improvements ? :-)
12:31<jdike>Can I have an emacs?
12:31<linux__alien>vi ?
12:31<linux__alien>or vim?
12:31<jdike>yeah, I know
12:38<jdike>caker, there?
12:39<jdike>this is a host kernel bug
12:39<linux__alien>jdike, you mean a bug in FC?
12:41<linux__alien>so what do i do
12:41<linux__alien>install something else?
12:44<jdike>well, I'm going to go looking for the bug
12:44<linux__alien>jdike, you would be using my system?
12:45<linux__alien>you dont need my system from now on ?
12:45<jdike>I'm just going to stare at Fedora sources
12:45<jdike>I don't think sop
12:45<linux__alien>I am upset :-(
12:45<linux__alien>for 2 things one the bug not fixed . the other one thought for a while i would be into this project :-(
12:46<the_hydra>linux__alien: dude, please...let jeff do it first
12:46<the_hydra>if he needs help, he will ask
12:46<caker>jdike: pong
12:46<the_hydra>you have reported it and that's good
12:46<linux__alien>the_hydra, ok i am sorry
12:47<jdike>the system you can reproduce this on - what's the host kernel?
12:47<linux__alien>Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.20-1.2948.fc6 #1 SMP Fri Apr 27 19:48:40 EDT 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
12:47<linux__alien>the FC6 kernel installed using yum
12:48<jdike>(that question was for caker, BTW)
12:48<caker>jdike: me? The one guy that has hit it was on a 2.6.20 host
12:48<jdike>stock 2.6.20?
12:48<caker>with your vdso patch, if needed
12:48<caker>I think that went in with .5
12:48<linux__alien>jdike, should i leave my system on now ? coz i would go for sleep now
12:49<jdike>linux__alien, do you normally turn it off?
12:49<linux__alien>yes jdike at nights before i go to bed :-)
12:49<linux__alien>but do you want it to be on ?
12:50<jdike>OK, I'm off it
12:50<jdike>pm me your email address
12:50<jdike>in case I need to poke at this some more
12:50<linux__alien>if you want me to keep it on i could
12:50<linux__alien>do you?
12:51<linux__alien>but i might be around to give you some permissions coz i will be sleeping :-D
12:51<linux__alien>i mean i might not be around
12:51<jdike>no, I'm going to look at FC sources for a bit
12:51<caker>jdike: for what it's worth, a guy came in last week on FC6 with the same problem
12:52<jdike>that I can believe
12:52<jdike>it looks like a utrace bug
12:52<caker>of course, I told him to stick around and wait for you, but turns out you were AFC (away from country)
12:52<linux__alien>jdike, so that means i can log off right ? and i ll subscribe to the mailing list
12:53<jdike>yup, you can
12:55<linux__alien>jdike, Ok cya
12:55<linux__alien>Thanks a lot !!!
12:55<linux__alien>cya tomorrow :-)
12:55<linux__alien>Have a nice day
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12:57<the_hydra>jdike: you're very patient
12:58<the_hydra>jdike: usually other main developers just say "rtfm"
12:58<jdike>he had something I wanted :-)
12:58<caker>jdike: I am very upset with you, fix my bitz now, pls kthx
12:58<jdike>or something
12:58<caker> !!
12:58<caker>how to free the bsd?!
13:03<kokoko1>Puffy Baba and the 40 Vendors
13:04<kokoko1>lol now i hate BSDs folks even more :-S
13:05<kokoko1>I wonders if they ever tries to peak into , 75.20 % share in top 500 super compputer can't open there f**king eyes.
13:09[~]caker tries to see if Jeff's Host VDSO patch will work for 2.4-um, but gives up
13:18<jdike>I'm going to need that machine again
13:20<jdike>caker - what I saw there was ptrace giving me a system call number of -1
13:21<jdike>and it was doing int 0x80 system calls rather than sysenter
13:21<jdike>so I'm guessing this is specific to int 0x80, but I can't see any difference in the system call handling in the FC kernel
13:43<the_hydra>jdike: eax is screwed?
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14:17<jdike>orig_eax actuallty
14:17<the_hydra>oh right...orig_
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14:33<jdike>anyone running FC6 kernel 2.6.20-1.2948?
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14:38<kokoko1>jdike, not me
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15:01<kokoko1>see ya
15:42<jdike>Oh ho
15:42<jdike>UML starts hanging when I put 2948 on my laptop
15:47<the_hydra>what's that?
15:49<jdike> FC6 kernel 2.6.20-1.2948
15:50<jdike>PTRACE_SYSEMU is broken
16:04<jdike>FC threw out 2 rather important instructions
16:05<jdike> cmpl $0, %eax
16:05<jdike> jne resume_userspace # ret != 0 -> running under PTRACE_SYSEMU,
16:05<jdike> # so must skip actual syscall
16:10<the_hydra>hm why eax makes the return destination decision?
16:13<jdike>that's the return from do_syscall_trace
16:13<jdike>which is checking sysemu
16:14<the_hydra>jdike: pardon me, ptrace sysemu is already in FC kernel?
16:14<jdike>has been forever
16:14<the_hydra>jdike: oh I see
16:14<the_hydra>jdike: didn't know that
16:15<the_hydra>jdike: no wonder I didn't see that in vanilla kernels
16:15<jdike>it's been in mainline forever
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16:24<jdike>Checking advanced syscall emulation patch for ptrace...OK
16:25<jdike>doesn't seem to check very well
16:34<jdike>caker, there?
16:36[~]jdike dangles a patch in front of caker
16:37<caker>jdike: bring it
16:38<jdike>it doesn't fix anything
16:38<caker>I figured :(
16:38<jdike>but it will tell you if you're seeing the same bug that I have here
16:39<jdike>On its way
16:53<jdike>caker, sending another version
16:54<jdike>this one will let UML run
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18:46<JaeSharp>I'm having some trouble getting a nested uml install going.. right after INIT comes up I hit *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08051060 ***
18:47<JaeSharp>I've set the nesting level option to 1, and the disk image I made works with another UML install...
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21:14<ravsi>anyone home?
21:14<ravsi>trying to nest UML
21:14<ravsi>anyone had any expirince?
21:14<caker>ravsi: and?
21:15<ravsi>parse_chan_pair failed for device 1 : Configuration failed
21:15<caker>no clue .. uml version?
21:15<ravsi>which eventually leads to "unable to mount root fs on unknown block 98,0
21:16<caker>that's pretty far along
21:16<ravsi>I compiled from
21:17<ravsi>with nested = 1
21:17<ravsi>tryed a few different root_fs's
21:18<ravsi>I think it has somthing to do with the fact that it might be conflicting with your host config on linode
21:18<ravsi>like you are already using uba or somthing
21:19<ravsi>my understanding of the dev system is not strong so I am not sure how to change this
21:19<caker>what's your nested uml's command line arguments?
21:20<ravsi>I don't put in this
21:20<ravsi>but this is what it outputs Kernel command line: ubc1=root_fs mem=64M root=98:0
21:20<caker>ok, try: ./linux ubda=/path/to/your/fs con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1 init=/bin/bash
21:22<ravsi>I tryed doing root=0,0 but it out puts : VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)
21:22<caker>add root=/dev/ubda
21:23<ravsi>VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)
21:23<ravsi>should I doing a different dev when nested?
21:23<caker>you're booting from a file, right?
21:24<ravsi>rh 9
21:24<JaeSharp>hmm... more trouble trying to nest UML?
21:25<ravsi>although I am having fun trying :)
21:25<ravsi>better than working on melanie griffiths stupid website
21:26<JaeSharp>yeah I'm getting stuck on *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08051060 ***
21:26<JaeSharp>fun, fun, fun
21:28<ravsi>I got past that I think
21:28<ravsi>I think that was the error I was getting before I complied my own kernel
21:28<ravsi>for nesting=1
21:29<ravsi>did you complie you own vmlinux?
21:29<JaeSharp>ravsi, funny thing is... I am compiling with nesting=1
21:29<ravsi>I don't quite remember
21:29<ravsi>but i was having that problem
21:29<ravsi>I think
21:29<ravsi>yeah me too
21:30<ravsi>how did you set nesting=1 ?
21:30<JaeSharp>ravsi, menu config, UML specific settings
21:30<ravsi>you sure it stuck?
21:30<JaeSharp>let me look
21:30<ravsi>did you compile in /usr/src?
21:32<ravsi>I shouldn't have let my linux foo lapse so far
21:32<ravsi>I love having to relearn all this basic stuff
21:32<JaeSharp>CONFIG_NEST_LEVEL=1 according to ./linux --showconfig
21:32<ravsi>let me check mine
21:33<ravsi>mine too
21:33<JaeSharp>let me build a kernel locally, statically linking... then I can sftp it up and see if its my build environment
21:36<ravsi>mine works now?
21:36<JaeSharp>heh <g>
21:36<JaeSharp>what did you change?
21:36<ravsi>did linux instead of ./vmlinux
21:36<JaeSharp>I've been running ./linux... weird
21:36<ravsi>which doesn't make too much sense
21:37<JaeSharp>I hate it when that happens
21:37<JaeSharp>but you got it working <g>
21:37<ravsi>I didn't install my compiled kernel in the /bin
21:37<ravsi>so the default linux should be nesting=0
21:39<JaeSharp>well yes, I'd assume linode clusters are not metanested
21:40<ravsi>caker said to set it to nesting 0
21:40<ravsi>and it failed before
21:41<ravsi>linux --showconfig | grep NEST CONFIG_NEST_LEVEL=0
21:41<ravsi>I am freaking out mannnnn
21:41<JaeSharp>but it's running now?
21:41<ravsi>yeah seems to
21:42<ravsi>I get it to boot to command line
21:42<ravsi>we shall see how far I can take it
21:42<JaeSharp>what's your host environment?
21:42<ravsi>deb 4
21:42<JaeSharp>me too...
21:42<ravsi>praise be his name...
21:43<ravsi>which image are you trying to boot to?
21:43<JaeSharp>custom ext3 image debootstraped
21:44<ravsi>dang it :)
21:44<ravsi>I did the red hat 9 image
21:44<ravsi>but I just tryed my custem ext3 deb 4 image
21:44<ravsi>seems to work
21:45<ravsi>I take that back
21:45<ravsi>no worky :)
21:45<ravsi>but it boots
21:45<JaeSharp>trouble then? what happens?
21:45<ravsi>I did ls
21:46<ravsi>and I got a nice dump of some code
21:46<ravsi>somthing from linux fork.c
21:46<ravsi>but I am not Positive that image is totally sane
21:47<ravsi>maybe caker upgraded me to some magic level becuase I am trying to be cool :)
21:47<JaeSharp>well, my image boots on my own uml install
21:48<ravsi>I got nothing
21:57<JaeSharp>well, compiling with nesting=0
21:57<JaeSharp>we'll see what happens...
21:57<JaeSharp>can you pm me with your config?
22:03<JaeSharp>ravsi, annoyingly, still with the glibc error
22:03<ravsi>which config?
22:03<ravsi>the compile?
22:04<JaeSharp>ravsi, well... hmm
22:05<JaeSharp>ravsi, hopefully the working one :)
22:06<ravsi>the one that is "working" is the deb package on
22:06<ravsi>I think
22:06<JaeSharp>really? <g>
22:07<JaeSharp>:( no working
22:08<JaeSharp>heh, we'll get it
22:20<ravsi>mean while my friend at media temple is just telling me to buy a bunch of openvz's
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