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02:10<newb_prog>what's th eproblem?
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03:30<ravsi>debian 4.0 in UML under atm
03:31<ravsi>3.0 works fine
03:31<ravsi>but 4.0 dumps a fun fork.c line
03:31<ravsi>on any command
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07:07<jdike>Hi guys
07:08<the_hydra>jdike: hi's unusual to see you at this hour
07:08<jdike>You gotta get up early in the morning if you want to keep up with me
07:13<the_hydra>jdike: trying ...
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07:35<jdike>caker, there?
07:46[~]kokoko1 waves
07:47<kokoko1>probably sleeping :)
07:48<jdike>Lazy bum
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10:21<linux__alien>hi jdike
10:21<linux__alien>is the bug solved or is that a host kernel bug ?
10:22<linux__alien>hi dgraves
10:22<linux__alien>good morning
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10:24<caker>jdike: yo
10:27<JaeSharp>caker, I finally managed to get a boot to bash, but ls -al gives a gives a failed assertion in fork.c:138
10:28<linux__alien>i am not able to even boot. It hangs in VFS saying unable to mount it
10:28<linux__alien>jeff was trying to fix it yesterday not sure whether its a host kernel bug or a bug in UML
10:31<caker>linux__alien: it's a bug in FC6's kernel. Jeff posted a work-around patch yesterday
10:31<linux__alien>caker, Oh Great i want that patch or if possible the latest UML binary which has that patch included
10:34<linux__alien>caker, now how do i get it can you help me ?
10:35<caker>stick the patch into a file, cd into your source directory and run: patch -p1 < /path/to/patch
10:36<linux__alien>caker, isnt a binary built with that patch included ?
10:36<caker>I don
10:36<linux__alien>that would be better :-)
10:36<caker>sorry, you're on your own there
10:40<linux__alien>caker, i ll have to download the source from this site right?
10:40<linux__alien>i am downloading 2.6.21
10:42<JaeSharp>caker, was that a patch for my problem as well?
10:43<caker>JaeSharp: no
10:44<JaeSharp>caker, okay then... hmm
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10:56<jdike>linux__alien, you saw the patch?
10:56<jdike>you'll need to rebuild UML from source
10:57<jdike>caker, any experience with said patch yet?
10:59<jdike>actually, let me just put up a binary with the fix
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11:02<jdike>so much for him
11:09<caker>jdike: not yet
11:09<caker>jdike: got time to help debug a nesting problem?
11:09<jdike>let me know if there are any remaining examples of hanging after mounting root?
11:09<caker>I will
11:09<jdike>Oh, JaeSharp is the dude trying to nest UMLs
11:10<caker>JaeSharp is a Linoder, doing the nesting thing
11:10<jdike>it ain't going to perform :-)
11:10<jdike>just in case you're not clear on that
11:10<caker>him and ravsi .. really? when did that happen?
11:10<caker>04:31 < ravsi> 3.0 works fine
11:10<caker>04:31 < ravsi> but 4.0 dumps a fun fork.c line
11:11<caker>I'm guessing that's guest
11:11<jdike>what are 3.0 and 4.0?
11:11<JaeSharp>I know it's not going to perform, I just wanted to see if I could do it <g>
11:11<jdike>OK, it won't work right now, but shouldn't be hard to fix
11:12<JaeSharp>okay, do you know what wrong with it, or have some idea of how you might go about fixing it?
11:12<jdike>it's the stub pages in the process address space
11:12<JaeSharp>ah, okay then
11:12<jdike>both UMLs are going to try to put them in the same place
11:13<jdike>and I think relocating one set should do the trick
11:14[~]JaeSharp nods
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11:19[~]jdike ponders KVM code
11:21<linux__alien>hi jdike
11:21<jdike>linux__alien, grab a binary from the same place as yesterday
11:21<jdike>it should work
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11:29<linux__alien>jdike, i have downloaded 2.6.22-rc2 so that should have it is it?
11:30<linux__alien>jdike, i am sorry it still does not work
11:30<linux__alien>i am still able to reproduce it
11:31<jdike>paste the boot log to pastebin or rafb
11:31<linux__alien>i downloaded the kernel from this location
11:31<jdike>is it different from what you got yesterday?
11:31<jdike>like different sizes and md5sum?
11:31<linux__alien>jdike, Oh i didnt check that and i just deleted my old image
11:32<jdike>well, md5sum it and tell me what you get
11:32<jdike>it should be d7aa48104d78d3773d1d2b2c9729db71 obj/linux
11:32<linux__alien>jdike, how do i do it i ve not done that in linux
11:33<caker>linux__alien: md5sum /path/to/what/you/just/downloaded
11:34<linux__alien>jdike, i executed the same image as root and i get the following it crashes
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11:34<linux__alien>ailed to initialize ubd device 0 :Couldn't determine size of device's file
11:34<linux__alien>VFS: Cannot open root device "98:0" or unknown-block(98,0)
11:34<linux__alien>Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:
11:34<linux__alien>Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(98,0)
11:34<linux__alien>EIP: 0073:[<00fc2402>] CPU: 0 Not tainted ESP: 007b:0031efc0 EFLAGS: 00200246
11:34<linux__alien> Not tainted
11:34<jdike>what was the command line?
11:35<linux__alien>jdike, Sorry i am really sorry it works now great !!!!. It was a wrong image i had a shell script to take the image and it was taking the image from the wrong location
11:35<linux__alien>jdike, Great work !!! . Thanks a lot
11:36<jdike>linux__alien, what's your name? giving credit where credit is due
11:37<linux__alien>jdike, Thanks a lot . My Name is Balaji G . My email id is
11:37<linux__alien>jdike, i ve become a member of the mailing list also :-)
11:37<jdike>I noticed
11:37<linux__alien>jdike, Thanks :-) can i see my name :-p
11:38<linux__alien>jdike, i would like to test UML and you can count on me for testing it coz i generally play with routing and stuff like that
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11:44<linux__alien>i ve some shell scripts where i ve saved in my home directory . Now from UML how do i execute it ? is it possible?
11:44<linux__alien>This is where my main requirement slowly comes into picture :-)
11:47<jdike>copy them into the UML
11:49<linux__alien>jdike, where would that be ?
11:49<linux__alien>jdike, i mean i am right now in the UML shell . Now i need to create some interfaces like eth0 and simulate 2 hosts
11:50<linux__alien>jdike, not able to understand how he is able to do this inside UML
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12:09<linux__alien>i gave the following commands to create a virtual interface
12:09<linux__alien>eth0=tuntap,umlx1,00:00:00:00:00:01, \
12:09<linux__alien> eth1=tuntap,umla1,00:00:00:00:01:01, \
12:09<linux__alien> eth2=tuntap,umlc1,00:00:00:00:03:01,
12:09<linux__alien>after this when i give ifconfig eth0 <ip-address> up i get an error
12:09<linux__alien>it says eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
12:09<linux__alien>am i missing something here?
12:13<linux__alien>jdike, do we use bugzilla for filing bugs?
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12:16<linux__alien>hey jdike got to go now . will meet you tomorrow. Nice Talking to you and thank you so much for fixing that bug
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16:14<term0r>hi, can anyone help with a strange uml network issue that I'm seeing?
16:19<caker>which is?
16:34<term0r>i'm using tap devices that are members of a bridge
16:34<term0r>ive been running this server for approx 2 years with no issues
16:35<term0r>since about 12 hours ago, when I launch a new UML host pings to the host are fairly sane
16:35<term0r>somewhere between 1ms and 100ms
16:35<term0r>but slowly after that the pings build up to about 5000ms
16:35<term0r>and then packets get dropped
16:35<term0r>now, i've found the cause
16:35<term0r>tap6 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:FF:99:8D:75:1E
16:35<term0r>TX packets:478231 errors:0 dropped:413300 overruns:0 carrier:0
16:36<term0r>so TX packets on the tap interfaces are being dropped
16:36<term0r>but I cannot work out why/how
16:36<term0r>i'm now wondering if it's a hardware fault, or a faulty port on the switch
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16:58<term0r>ok, some more info, which is related
16:59<term0r>kernel: bridge: can't decode speed from eth1: 65535
16:59<term0r>and i may have fixed the issue
18:10<term0r>add a sleep 5 to after the interface comes up, to give a delay before the bridge comes up
18:10<term0r>that way the bridge can get the speed reported correctly from the interface
18:10<term0r>rather than assuming its a speed of 1000
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