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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-05-24

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02:56<ravsi>doing UML nested on a remote server pretty much eliminates the bridging correct?
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09:50<jdike>Hi guys
09:56<kokoko1>Hello guru
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11:50[~]jdike fixes KVM bugs
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11:54<the_hydra>hi all
12:03<jdike>hey dude
12:03<jdike>you're late
12:03<jdike>I think
12:03<the_hydra>what? what did I miss?
12:04<jdike>nothing, just you're normally here when I show up
12:05<the_hydra>yep, lots of houseworks I must do
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12:17<the_hydra>jdike: a math question, do you mind?
12:18<the_hydra>about fourier transfom
12:18<jdike>not too hard, plz
12:18[~]jdike is a math noob
12:18<the_hydra>yeah, me too
12:19<the_hydra>what on earth fourier transformation trying to do? I don't really get it...
12:20<jdike>it's a time domain to frequency domain conversion
12:21<jdike>but that's prolly not helpful :-)
12:21<the_hydra>that's what I heard too many times so far
12:21<jdike>the Fourier transform of a signal tells you the amplitudes of the frequencies in the signal
12:23<the_hydra>and for picture bitmap, I could see the color distribution?
12:23<the_hydra>am I correct?
12:23<jdike>now you're talking about a discrete transform
12:23<jdike>and the answer is no
12:23<jdike>the color distribution is just a histogram
12:25<the_hydra>great, mistake again
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13:57[~]kokoko1 hates power outages
13:58<the_hydra>so do I
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20:40<mario>need some help understanding something... what's the point in adding parameters to a CallEvent? i'll appreciate your help
20:40<mario>anybody, please
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