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10:17<linux__alien>i am trying to setup UML to connect to the internet .I am using PPPOE to configure my internet connection. In this case UML does not have pppoe by default so how do i setup UML to connect to the internet and since the filesystem does not have GCC or CC by default . Compiling any source package becomes difficult so could someone tell me how to setup UML for this scenario?
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10:29<linux__alien>could someone help me out?
10:29<linux__alien>or give me some clue or suggestion please?
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10:54<linux__alien>is anyone here ?
10:54<linux__alien>is this channel alive?
11:11<linux__alien>is there anyway where i can configure my File system?
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11:21<linux__alien>aroscha, could you help me please?
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12:50<aroscha>linux_alien: i never used ppp sorry
12:51<aroscha>so i dont really know
12:51<aroscha>is it possible to use tuntap?
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