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09:24<jdike>Hi guys
09:26<peterz>hey jeff
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09:37<linux__alien>hello jdike
09:37<linux__alien>hope you are doing fine
09:39<peterz>he was
09:39<linux__alien>peterz, oh My God what happened
09:40<peterz>not sure, he's been silent for the past several minutes
09:42<linux__alien>I am not in a position to setup Internet using UML
09:43<linux__alien>I am using PPPOE Connection to setup my internet but my internet connection is not setup in UML and hence i am not able to download GCC and other libraries to compile my source package :-(
09:47<jdike>use the host as a router
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10:04<linux__alien>I am not getting it i am sorry
10:06<linux__alien>i am able to ping the ppp0 interface from UML but i am not able to setup it to communicate with the outside world.
10:06<linux__alien>I get a Class A IP address when i connect to my provider
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10:10<jdike>you need to set up routes in the UML to the outside world through the host's ppp0
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10:29<linux__alien>i ve created a virtual interface in UML with the address which is in the same subnet as the IP address that i get from the ISP but when i do ping it says unknown host
10:30<linux__alien>this is my UML routing table
10:30<linux__alien> * U 0 0 0 eth2
10:30<linux__alien> * U 0 0 0 eth0
10:30<linux__alien> * U 0 0 0 eth3
10:30<linux__alien> * U 0 0 0 eth1
10:30<linux__alien> * U 0 0 0 eth2
10:30<jdike>and what do you think "unknown host" means?
10:30<linux__alien>no route to that
10:31<linux__alien>its unable to contact the DNS Server
10:31<linux__alien>and hence unable to do a Address Resolution for it
10:32<linux__alien>but my resolv.conf is exactly the same as the one in host
10:32<jdike>what's in your resolv.conf?
10:33<linux__alien>This is my resolv.conf in UML
10:33<linux__alien>search localdomain
10:33<linux__alien>this is the resolv.conf in host
10:33<linux__alien>generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
10:33<linux__alien>search localdomain
10:34<jdike>OK, so how is the UML routing to your nameserver?
10:36<linux__alien>it has to send the packet to the nexthop which is ppp0 in host and then that should forward it to the name server
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10:37<jdike>where in your routing table does it say that?
10:37<linux__alien>deleted that coz it didnt work
10:42<linux__alien> * U 0 0 0 eth3
10:42<linux__alien>now all traffic that starts with 59 should go through
10:42<linux__alien>i am able to ping my ppp0 interface from UML
10:43<linux__alien>thats checked also
10:44<jdike>are your name servers in 59.x.x.x?
10:44<linux__alien>no added a route for that also
10:44<linux__alien>sorry forgot to tell you that added a route for 218.X.X.X to pass through 59
10:44<linux__alien> UGH 0 0 0 eth3
10:45<linux__alien>i feel my understanding about the scenario is atleast partially right
10:47<linux__alien>thats the IP address of ppp0 interface in Host
10:47<linux__alien>so all traffic should pass through ppp0 (i mean the external traffic)
10:49<jdike>do you have IP forwarding enabled on the host?
10:50<linux__alien>yes i believe coz when i shut down i see ip-forwarding set to zero
10:50<linux__alien>so it should be
10:52<linux__alien>infact i also thought of doing a work aroung by compilng the code in my host and copying the binary alone and placing it in UML and executing it from UML but that didnt work. it gave me a Floating point exception when i tried executing it
10:52<jdike>how about masquerading?
10:53<linux__alien>you mean summarizing ?
10:54<linux__alien>oh ve not done those
10:54<linux__alien>changing the source IP while passing the router and stuff like that
10:55<jdike>no, I mean masquerading
10:56<linux__alien>Masquerading is a form of NAT if i am not wrong
10:56<linux__alien>so in that also you change the source /destination IP when it passes through a router/firewall
10:56<linux__alien>if i am not wrong
11:00<linux__alien>jdike, can you suggest me some work around for my requirement please. I just want to install Zebra and test OSPF but not able to do it :-(
11:00[~]linux__alien is upset
11:00<linux__alien>ve tried lot of combinations
11:01<jdike>have you enabled masquerading on the host?
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11:03<linux__alien>no have not done that how do i do it
11:07<linux__alien>is it easy enough to enable Masquerading in Linux Kernel. ?
11:08<linux__alien>should i recompile my kernel for that or can i still continue to run my FC Stock Kernel
11:08<jdike>ask google
11:09<linux__alien>jdike, i think i dont have IP Forwarding enabled
11:09<linux__alien>coz this website says
11:09<linux__alien>that in the network script if you have "FORWARD_IPV4="yes".
11:09<linux__alien>it means IP forwarding is enabled
11:10<linux__alien>but i dont have that
11:10<linux__alien>all i ve is
11:11<jdike>what's in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward?
11:13<linux__alien>just checked it
11:13<linux__alien>i mean 1
11:13<linux__alien>so does it mean its enabled ?
11:13<linux__alien>yes 1 means its enabled
11:14<linux__alien>but will masquerading help me ?
11:15<linux__alien>in solving this issue?
11:16<jdike>it will give you access to the outside world
11:17<linux__alien>wow.. apart from having these internal simulated interfaces right?
11:21<jdike>through the internal simulated interfaces
11:22<linux__alien>Oh Ok
11:23<linux__alien>i think i ve to do that tomorrow . Feeling very tired today . Thank you so much jeff for your ideas and help
11:24<linux__alien>i hop i setup OSPF session soon with UML
11:26<linux__alien>cya jdike
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