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09:16<jdike>Hi guys
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12:29<linux__alien>hello jdike i ve simplified the process further now. I ve configured my PPPOE Client in my modem so i just have only one IP that will be a private IP so once i switch on my modem i am online and it works in host and i ve added the necessary route in UML for that too. I am able to ping my DNS Server too but somewhere the path gets changed when i do a tracepath for my DNS Server Address
12:30<linux__alien>infact i ve caught hold of the problem i believe
12:30<linux__alien>what happens is this
12:31<linux__alien>i ve added a route in such a way that any packet for the internet lets say my DNS packet goes through the host eth0 which is but it goes to that but then it forwards the packet to 1923.168.1.6 which is my tap0 interface in host
12:32<linux__alien>can you help me please? i feel i am nearing the setting up of internet in UML :-)
12:41<jdike>why would it forward packets back to tap0?
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13:50<kokoko1>its been long did't hear a word from guru :-S
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