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08:34<jdike>Hi guys
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10:37[~]jdike looks for Linus' original post proposing mm_indirect
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10:46[~]jdike hates google sometimes
10:46<jdike>looking for mm_indirect turned up nothing
10:47<jdike>it turns out I needed to say sys_mm_indirect
10:57[~]kokoko1 rofl
10:57<kokoko1>hi jdike
10:57<jdike>hey dude
11:00<kokoko1>taking food break :)
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11:45<linux__alien>hey peterz
11:45<linux__alien>i installed Zebra finally in UML. I am able to start it but i am not able to establish a TCP Session between two UML instances
11:45<linux__alien>Though Ping is working
11:45<linux__alien>the TCP Session does not get established
11:46<peterz>no idea sorry, usually when my kernel boots I'm happy and start wreckingi t again
11:46<jdike>can you ssh between them?
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11:50<linux__alien>jdike, but the thing here is that i am trying to establish a BGP Session among two peers i have enabled Debugs but there it shows that TCP session does not get established
11:50<linux__alien>i dont understand why
11:50<jdike>probably a zebra problem then
11:51<linux__alien>jdike, but the same version works in 2 machines
11:51<linux__alien>i mean with 2 machines
11:51<jdike>you have a working network between the two UMLs
11:52<linux__alien>ping works so it should be
11:53<jdike>and ssh, so there's nothing wrong with TCP
11:58<linux__alien>jdike, i need an other Console in UML is that possible?
11:58<linux__alien>i am currently using screen
11:58<linux__alien>to switch between 2 screens but i want 4 screens
11:59<jdike>have you checked the docs?
11:59<linux__alien>yes not able to find it
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12:13<linux__alien>jdike, an interesting document . This person has done some interesting stuff with UML regards to Virtual Networking
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12:20<linux__alien>jdike, you know what i ve established BGP Session finally
12:20<linux__alien>feeling very happy
12:21<linux__alien>with UML and my Host
12:27<linux__alien>jdike, Thank you so much for your asistance
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12:28<the_hydra>hi all
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12:59[~]jdike hands kokoko1 a /
12:59<kokoko1>hehe thanks :-s
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13:02<jdike>two weeks later, alien is up and running
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20:09<^Serg>i need little help
20:09<^Serg>i need to uniq iplist by class D....
20:09<^Serg>if list is result -> 4.4.4..4
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