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08:19<linux__alien>i am able to establish a BGP/OSPF Session with UML instance and the Host but i am not able to establish a TCP Connection parallely between UML instance 1 and UML Instance 2 . Any ideas or suggestions?
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10:07<linux__alien>hey peterz
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10:10<linux__alien>Hello People I have prepared a How-To on UML Installation . I thought it would be helpful for newbies coz i was a newbie and had lot of doubts while running it for the first time so made a document. Its quite small right now but will update it soon So can someone have a look into it and give me suggestions?
10:11<linux__alien>just want to know whether i ve left any point
10:14<kokoko1>linux__alien, its Sunday and its off try to post your link on next working day :)
10:14<linux__alien>kokoko1, can you look into it . Its quite small
10:14<linux__alien>hardly one page
10:14<kokoko1>and yes your work greatly appreciated but i thinks its better jdike and other geeks peak into it.
10:15<kokoko1>linux__alien, i'll sure no problem but atm i am going out.
10:15<linux__alien>Oh :-)
10:15<linux__alien>one question. is uml tools necessary to be installed
10:15<linux__alien>for creating virtual interfaces in UML/
10:16<linux__alien>i am not able to recollect on why i installed uml tools
10:16<kokoko1>well time to time one need to excuate commands from uml tools
10:17<linux__alien>thats fine but for the basic virtual interface creation you dont need that right
10:17<linux__alien>just for creating ifconfig eth0 and eth1
10:17<kokoko1>on hosts eg, i sometime excuate uml_mconsole to sent cad or halt signal to vm
10:17<kokoko1>later :)
10:17<linux__alien>Ok thanks
10:18<kokoko1>come this time on monday
10:18<linux__alien>ya sure will be here tomorrow at this time
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