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11:42<jdike>Hi guys
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11:44<the_hydra>hi jeff
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13:21<kokoko1>getting very taugh time with another UML which hosting clients sites (apache) from last three days its going unresponsive , then i have to restart it
13:22<kokoko1>two times i able to access it via ssh and stopping/starting httpd bring down the load avg. which was very high 30+
13:22<kokoko1>however 3 times i have to send uml_mconsole halt signal
13:22<kokoko1>from host
13:23<kokoko1>In end when found nothing in vm and httpd logs, rebuild latest kernel and booted it with
13:24<kokoko1>lets see if kernel building helps, its up from last 5:56 hours adn kinda cool
13:24<kokoko1>Duno what happend to that UML, it was working just cool since last 4 days
13:25<kokoko1>same with another UML which is hosting our jabber services but atm its working without crashing from last 6 days
13:26[~]kokoko1 sit back
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15:05[~]kokoko1 hates power outages
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15:47<kokoko1>UML - Improve host PTRACE_SYSEMU check, heh just build 21.4 neeed to rebuild it :)
15:48<jdike>that's only for FC6 hosts
15:48<jdike>If UML runs on your hosts, you don't need that
15:49<kokoko1>ah right
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21:15<linux__alien>hi peterz
21:15<linux__alien>i ve made a HowTo on how to run UML targeted for new users.. Its in the initial stage though i ve made it quite ok could you have a look into it please?
21:16<linux__alien>its currently just one page
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