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01:44<peterz>why do people think I'm awake at 4am
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09:54<jdike>Hi guys
09:55<the_hydra>hi jeff
09:55<the_hydra>i already put your comments to my article website...edited a bit...
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10:01<the_hydra>jdike: and yes, my understanding on how much the loops are done sucks
10:02<the_hydra>jdike: an important lesson to not underestimate such a simple fact..
10:05<onesandzeros>hello guys. I think this is the right place to ask, so: when i modprobe tun, the /dev/net/tun node is created. But, I also need /dev/tap0,1,etc which were not created. I made one with mknod /dev/tap0 c 36 16, but then when I point vmware's network device at that, it says it isn't there. What am I missing? A search on 'udev tap0' turns up stuff I don't really understand.
10:05[~]kokoko1 UML web server dying (gettng unresponsive) twice a day :(
10:06<the_hydra>kokoko1: so sorry to hear that
10:07<the_hydra>IIRC there is another kernel module you need to load.."tap" I think
10:10<jdike>no, tun is what you need
10:10<jdike>kokoko1, what version of UML?
10:11<the_hydra>onesandzeros: btw, do you really see "tap0"?
10:11<jdike>onesandzeros, why do you need /dev/tap0?
10:12<onesandzeros>the_hydra: ah, another module? let me check...
10:13<the_hydra>onesandzeros: sorry, after further check, there is no "tap" kernel module
10:14<onesandzeros>jdike: well, the tutorial I found says that virtual box/vmware's network device should be pointed at the host's /dev/tapX (after setting up a network bridge, etc).
10:15<onesandzeros>the_hydra: yeah
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10:20<jdike>that would be a vmware thing then
10:23<onesandzeros>ok thanks
10:23<the_hydra>onesandzeros: try to give VMWare the path to "tun" instead and see what happens
10:28<onesandzeros>the_hydra: ok
10:28<onesandzeros>i'll be back
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10:30<peterz>jdike: when will you surprise the world and post skas-smp for -mm inclusion?
10:32<the_hydra>wow, you finally finished the SMP version of SKAS?
10:32<peterz>oh noes, what did I do :-)
10:33<the_hydra>peterz: ? :)
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10:35<jdike>it works, kinda
10:35<jdike>I'm unhappy with the CPU switching mechanism
10:36<jdike>and I still need to finish the SMP cleanliness pass
10:44<peterz>jdike: can't you borrow some of the kvm interfaces?
10:45<kokoko1>jdike, sorry i was afk :(
10:45<jdike>for SMP?
10:45<kokoko1>from UML version you mean kernel version?
10:45<jdike>kokoko1, yes
10:46<kokoko1>its been running quite using from last 1 adn half year, however yesterday I do tried booting it into latest
10:46<kokoko1>but it gives the same problem after running for 7 hours.
10:47<jdike>what changed?
10:47<kokoko1>this UML hosting apache for virtual hosting hmmm I thinks 20+ sites
10:48<kokoko1>jdike, nothing
10:48<jdike>something must have
10:48<kokoko1>Duno if programmers uploaded some vulerable php code :(
10:48<kokoko1>but didnt' find anything in apache logs.
10:49<jdike>what exactly happens?
10:50<kokoko1>jdike, UML get unresponsive to http and ssh request, however it pingable from outside
10:51<kokoko1>this is what i get when UML goes unresponsive and running latest kernel 2.6.21.x
10:51<jdike>what does ps look like from inside?
10:51<kokoko1>at that time it can't let me in :-S
10:51<kokoko1>one more thing
10:52<kokoko1>running ...
10:52<kokoko1>uml_mconsole /home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole halt
10:52<jdike>you can have a script running which does a ps every minute or so
10:52<jdike>and collect the output later
10:52<kokoko1>from host not working with new kernel
10:53<kokoko1>however uml_mconsole working fine 'halting' when uml running 2.6.17.x kernel
10:53<jdike>let me check that
10:55<jdike>works here, what happens there?
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10:57<kokoko1>atm UML has been booted in 2.6.17.x
10:58<kokoko1>the paste bin thing which i pasted only shows when running 2.6.21.x
10:58<kokoko1>at the time when it got unresponsive.
10:58<jdike>what shows?
10:58<jdike>there wasn't anything unusual there
10:58<kokoko1> <-- this
10:58<kokoko1>atm its running 2.6.17.x and the ps from host showing ...
10:59<kokoko1>kinda normal
10:59<jdike>like I said, I didn't see anything unusual there
10:59<jdike>you mean all the hung mconsoles?
11:00[~]jdike was just paying attention to the UML processes
11:00<kokoko1>its was the case with latest kernel not with old
11:00<kokoko1>but my problem is same with new or old
11:01<jdike>I'd like to see ps and vmstat output from inside when this happens
11:01<kokoko1>duno what has been changed , but i am sure notihgn changed as per UML settings or kernel coz its only me doing it.
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11:02<kokoko1>only ps or some switches ?
11:02<jdike>aux would be good
11:02<jdike>vmstat 5 also
11:03<kokoko1>right i'll try if it let me do anything inside :-s
11:03<jdike>attach a screen -L to a console
11:03<kokoko1>and i was not sleeping ;-D
11:03<jdike>have a loop doing ps and vmstat
11:04<jdike>when it hangs, look at the screenlog
11:04<kokoko1>hmm give me command adn tell me how to attch using screen :D
11:04<kokoko1>coz i forget it
11:05<jdike>as it stands now, one of those web sites might be going crazy and driving the load through the roof, right?
11:05<kokoko1>yes i doubt
11:05<the_hydra>kokoko1: ehm, screen -R?
11:06<kokoko1>our programmers do not coding secure php code :(
11:06<kokoko1>few weeks back someone runnign some irc boot on this uml using one of hosted php site :-S
11:06<jdike>uml_mconsole vm4 config con2
11:06<the_hydra>kokoko1: go smack them
11:06<kokoko1>they do not care
11:07<kokoko1>boss only smack us :(
11:07<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /root/.uml/vm4/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:07<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /tmp/uml/vm4/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:07<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: vm4 - No such file or directory
11:07<kokoko1>Sending command to '' : Invalid argument
11:08<the_hydra>jdike: is it possible combine UML and CKRM?
11:08<kokoko1>basically its /home/vm4 ?
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11:10<kokoko1>jdike, i'll join your after one hour :-S
11:10<kokoko1>its food time
11:10<the_hydra>kokoko1: eat well ;)
11:11<kokoko1>damn it, i can't :(
11:11<kokoko1>uml again ...
11:11<kokoko1>jdike, you want to to do anything its time
11:11<kokoko1>my session inside not let me do anything and its unresponsive
11:12<kokoko1>duno how to attach screen giving me...
11:12<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /tmp/uml/vm4/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:12<kokoko1><kokoko1> Warning: couldn't stat file: vm4 - No such file or directory
11:14<kokoko1>waiting :)
11:14<kokoko1>i have to restart it soon
11:14<jdike>what's the umid of the UML you want to talk to?
11:15<jdike>the_hydra, probably
11:15<kokoko1>uml_mconsole /home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole config con2
11:16<kokoko1>now getting this on host...
11:16<kokoko1>root 24800 24743 0 16:12 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/uml_mconsole /home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole proc sys/kernel/hostname
11:16<kokoko1>what is this?
11:17<kokoko1>when i ps for vm
11:17<jdike>no idea, that's your doing
11:17<kokoko1>k, may i restart it?
11:18<kokoko1>lot of sites hosted there :-s
11:18<kokoko1>I am tired of restarting it, specialy when get pager during off hours and sleeping :(
11:19<kokoko1>all other 5 UML running cool on same host
11:21<kokoko1>uml_mconsole /home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole halt
11:21<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /root/.uml//home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:21<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /tmp/uml//home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:21<kokoko1>2.6.17.x also not getting the signal
11:23<kokoko1>uml_mconsole /home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole halt
11:23<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /root/.uml//home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:23<kokoko1>Warning: couldn't stat file: /tmp/uml//home/vm4/.uml/vm4/mconsole/mconsole - No such file or directory
11:23<kokoko1>ERR Out of memory
11:23<kokoko1>ERR Out of memory <-- new
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11:23<the_hydra>something is leaking?
11:23<linux__alien>hi jdike
11:24<kokoko1>no idea dude :(
11:24<jdike>I bet you have a crazy web site
11:25<linux__alien>I ve written a HowTo on UML (a basic installation and configuration article) targeted towards newbies. I would be improving upon it. Could you please have a look at it ?
11:25<kokoko1>same here but duno how to find it
11:26<linux__alien>jdike Though with your valuable help i was able to set up UML but thought it would be good that something like this would be of help for newbies who want to try this out and use it and play with it
11:27<linux__alien>if you feel that its worth it you could probably give a small link from your web site also if you wish to :-)
11:28<linux__alien>Infact the upcoming HowTo would cover how to setup Internet using pppoe and stuff like that so that it would help them and would explain about installing new softwares and trying out parallel instances of UML
11:28<jdike>kokoko1, reboot the thing and start the ps/vmstat loop
11:28<jdike>then wait for it to hang again
11:28<linux__alien>and of course installing Zebra on it :-)
11:28<kokoko1>you want to me to run ps/vmstat inside the uml?
11:28<jdike>"You can download the filesystems from the User-Mode Linux official website."
11:29<jdike>that link points to nagafix, not
11:29<kokoko1>coz i can't able attach to it from host
11:29<jdike>sure you can
11:29<jdike>you have the main console, at least
11:32<kokoko1>hmm right so what loop exactly to run :)
11:32<kokoko1>while true ?
11:33<the_hydra>"top" could do it too
11:33<jdike>I don't want top
11:33<kokoko1>jdike, give me command pls
11:34<kokoko1>imean the loop thingy
11:34<kokoko1>while true ; do ps -aux ; vmstat 5 ; done <-- not looks fine to me
11:34<jdike>not quite
11:34<jdike>do you have two consoles that you can log?
11:34<kokoko1>sure np
11:34<kokoko1>gotacha :)
11:35<jdike>on one, while true; do date; ps uax; sleep 60; done
11:35<jdike>one the other, vmstat 60
11:35<jdike>and I want to be able to line them up
11:36<jdike>are you using screen -L
11:38<linux__alien>jdike am sorry to disturb you is that HowTo Ok?
11:39<kokoko1>jdike, hmm i ssh to uml
11:39<kokoko1>imean two times
11:39<kokoko1>not doing screen -L thingy
11:39<kokoko1>you want me to run the loops under screen?
11:40<kokoko1>okay running under screen -L
11:42<kokoko1>brb, food
11:43<jdike>kokoko1, while true; do date; ps uax; sleep 60; done | while read line; do echo `date` $line; done
11:43<jdike>and vmstat 60 | while read line; do echo `date` $line; done
11:43<jdike>to get timestamps
11:45<jdike>linux__alien, looks fine to me
11:45<linux__alien>No big mistakes as such right ? :-)
11:45<jdike>kokoko1, and make sure that logging is working OK before the hang
11:45<linux__alien>Thanks jdike
11:46<the_hydra>jdike: your first command give doube "date", don't you think?
11:46<kokoko1>jdike, i can only see screenlog.0
11:46<jdike>is all output ending up in it?
11:47<jdike>the date before the ps isn't needed
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11:47<kokoko1>yep same file for both
11:48<jdike>OK, we can sort it out later
11:48<jdike>as long as the data is there
11:49<jdike>but I bet the load is going to be 1000, and it'll be obvious which web site is doing it
11:51<the_hydra>kokoko1: grab a hammer, you'll soon need it to smack somebody ...
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12:47<kokoko1>hehe sure I'll and if boss not listen then I'll quit
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13:47<kokoko1>jdike, UML again got unresponsive
13:47<jdike>lets see the data then
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14:34<kokoko1>sorry power failed :(
14:35<kokoko1>how to sent you screen.log.0 file?
14:36<jdike>paste it somewhere
14:36<kokoko1>its too long
14:36<jdike>have you looked at it?
14:36<kokoko1>yes but can't see anything interesting
14:36<jdike>how big is it?
14:39<jdike>email it to me
14:39<kokoko1>right sending via cat file | mail ..
14:43<kokoko1>got it?
14:44<peterz>jdike: can you explain how the 2 STACK_TOP macros interact in UM? that is, it uses both the host arch and um definitions
14:44<jdike>it shouldn't
14:44<jdike>the host one gets turned off
14:44<jdike>got it
14:45<peterz>jdike: right, #undef STACK_TOP
14:45<peterz>jdike: then it uses task_size, does that ever change, or is that fixed?
14:45<jdike>it's fixed, but calculated at runtmie
14:46<peterz>ah, great
14:46<peterz>you don't fudge it to run ia32 on x86_64?
14:47<peterz>because x86_64 TASK_SIZE depends on the tasks personality
14:48<jdike>no, there's no compat support currently
14:48<peterz>ah, good
14:49<peterz>I just noticed some compile fudge resulting from my STACK_TOP_MAX patch
14:52<kokoko1>jdike, I can't see anything in the log
14:54<jdike>me neither
14:54<jdike>the last vmstat shows 91% idle
14:54<kokoko1>weird isn't it?
14:55<jdike>do you have any idea how quickly it goes bad?
14:55<kokoko1>I am wondering where to look now, UML is giving lot problem very frequently
14:55<jdike>i.e. time x it's fine, time y it's stuck, min(y - x)
14:56<kokoko1>some time it run 8-10 hours and but today it givng problem after 3 - 4 hours
14:56<jdike>maybe we should log more frequently
14:56<jdike>that's not what I meant
14:57<jdike>is the thing still running, and is it built with debug symbols?
14:58<kokoko1>yes its running (rebooted), i am not sure about debug symbols, however i can reboot it into with debug sym
14:58<kokoko1>I don't have the source of
14:59<kokoko1>i have the source of it
14:59<jdike>OK, try again, and change the sleeps to 5 seconds
14:59<jdike>and also run the screens on the host
15:02<kokoko1>Right, how to confirm debug symbols during menuconfig ARCH=um ?
15:05<jdike>kernel hacking menu at the bottom
15:05<jdike>debug info
15:06<kokoko1>yep its already (*)
15:06<kokoko1>okay rebooting UML in with screens running on both
15:07<kokoko1>with 5 seconds sleeps
15:07<kokoko1>heh boss asking me to teach me how to lunch the pita :-S
15:07<kokoko1>coz last time it got unresponsive when i was down due to power failure :(
15:09<jdike>and vmstat 5
15:09<jdike>not 60
15:10<jdike>you have the screens running on the host?
15:12<kokoko1>just sent you our uml lauching script
15:17<kokoko1>okay UML rebooted into new kernel, now running screen inside uml
15:17<jdike>SCREEN ON HOST
15:18<kokoko1>doing on both
15:18<kokoko1>host and vm
15:19<kokoko1>duno i thinks you asked me to run on both :-s
15:19<kokoko1>so this time you want me to run on host only?
15:19<jdike>there's no point to having screen inside the uML
15:19<kokoko1>last time it was running on inside UML
15:19<jdike>and the screen gets stuck just like everything else, and whatever data it had gets lost
15:21<kokoko1>okay started screen -L one for while true; do ps uax; sleep 5; done | while read line; do echo `date` $line; done
15:21<jdike>which maybe is why there's nothing interesting on the last logs
15:22<kokoko1>2nd for vmstat 5 | while read line; do echo `date` $line; done
15:22<kokoko1>Its getting pita :(
15:22<kokoko1>i can't sleep due to this
15:22[~]kokoko1 don't want to cry
15:23<kokoko1>you got the umlrun script ?
15:25<kokoko1>where it get lost i also sent on my @gmail but didn't get it either
15:26<jdike>also, on the host set up a loop of ifconfig the UML tap interface
15:26<jdike>with a 5 sec interval
15:26<jdike>see if it's getting nailed from the network somehow
15:27<kokoko1>while true; do ifconfig tap4; sleep 5; done | while read line; do echo `date` $line; done ?
15:28<kokoko1>done, currently showing ...
15:29<kokoko1>ue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 tap4 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr E6:1C:6A:DA:E7:87
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 RX packets:129356507 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 TX packets:132726376 errors:0 dropped:1274 overruns:0 carrier:0
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 collisions:0 txqueuelen:500
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007 RX bytes:2506882003 (2.3 GiB) TX bytes:308530965 (294.2 MiB)
15:29<kokoko1>Tue Jun 12 20:28:36 UTC 2007
15:29<jdike>so if the counters go through the roof when it goes south, that's a clue
15:30<jdike>also, when it does hang, collect a strace of it, maybe 5-10 secs
15:30<kokoko1>sorry strace of what?
15:30<jdike>the main UML pid
15:31<jdike>with -tt to get timestamps
15:33<kokoko1>strace -tt 3303 ?
15:33<kokoko1>check your email
15:34<jdike>when it hangs
15:34<jdike>I don't care about now
15:34<kokoko1>yep but just for practice :)
15:34<jdike>got the script
15:34<kokoko1>i run it on my box it gives me 'strace: 3397: command not found' :-s
15:35<jdike>where'd you get 3397 from?
15:35<jdike>strace -p <pid>
15:35<jdike>so strace -tt -p pid
15:35<kokoko1>thanks got it working :)
15:36<kokoko1>i wonders where did they get this script?
15:36<kokoko1>may be its from debian ?
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16:32<kokoko1>leaving, I'll let you know about screen logs
16:33<kokoko1>i wish it it do not sucks atleast for next 8 hours :-s
16:33<kokoko1>coz i want to sleep
16:36[~]kokoko1 is afk
16:39[~]kokoko1 downloading 'Goal 2' via torrent
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