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09:52<jdike>Hi guys
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09:55<jdike>kokoko1, so
09:55<jdike>that UML still behaving itself?
09:56<kokoko1>up 5 days, 20:47
09:56<kokoko1>It was apache + fedora problem not uml :)
09:57<kokoko1>hmm duno but i also increased MaxClients which was set to 100 before to 10000
09:57<jdike>any idea what the real problem was?
09:57<kokoko1>may be it helps
09:57<kokoko1>jdike, I did few things and now i am not sure which things fix the problem , uml kernel, removed duplicated packages and changed MaxClients in httpd.conf
09:59<kokoko1>i am sure it wasn't uml kernel fault, coz it was going unresponsive even in latest kernel
09:59<kokoko1>surely something to do with apache :)
10:00<jdike>well, that could just mean there's an unfixed bug
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11:01<the_hydra>kokoko1: you there?
11:01<the_hydra>jdike: hi jeff
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13:24<dgraves>I LIVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
13:24<dgraves>morning all.
13:24<dgraves>jdike: is there a current feature list for uml?
13:35<jdike>not as such
13:35<jdike>there's the documentation
13:35<jdike>why do you need one?
13:49<kokoko1>went to sleep i thinks :)
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14:14<dgraves>jdike: we were interested in what we were missing out on in the later versions of uml. :)
14:15<dgraves>(ie, i'm trying to build a business case for the upgrade)
14:15<dgraves>and i thought a feature list would be a neat thing to have.
14:17<jdike>what are you running now?
14:18<jdike>a good amount of performance, for sure
14:18<jdike>dunno how much that matters to you
14:25<dgraves>very much.
14:25<dgraves>jdike, but a lot of our stuff is disk I\O, so i don't think it would help much.
14:26<jdike>plus a whole lot of bug fixes
14:27<jdike>are you actually I/O bound on the host?
14:27<dgraves>for most of our tests, yes.
14:27<jdike>FWIW, a kernel build inside UML is CPU-bound
14:27<dgraves>we're doing heavy filesystem tests.
14:28<jdike>and it's maybe 30-40% faster than it used to be
14:28<dgraves>yeah, i know. we do things like write tons of data randomly, read it, etc. its more than a kernel build, but probably not quite io bound.
14:28<dgraves>hmm.... that's a benefit right there. :)
14:28<jdike>and I just discovered that I was kmallocing kernel stacks
14:28<dgraves>i was just thinking, you know, a list of things uml does, like smp, etc, like we used to have on the website for features.
14:29<jdike>changing that to get_free_pages gave me what looks like another few %
14:29<dgraves>not bad.
14:30<dgraves>every few % adds up.
14:30<jdike>currently around 70% of native
14:30<jdike>working on 75%
14:30<dgraves>wow, not bad.
14:31<dgraves>that's up there with xen and vmware.
14:31<dgraves>you got a few more with KVM stuff, didn't you?
14:31[~]dgraves loves performance. :)
14:31<jdike>haven't run it under kvm yet
14:31<dgraves>did .21 get smp for skas?
14:31<jdike>I'd hope for more than a few
14:31<dgraves>just curious. :)
14:31<jdike>there are lots of SMP cleanups, but the actual SMP stuff, no
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