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02:45<fo0bar>anderiv: did you run oldconfig after patching? make sure CONFIG_PROC_MM is actually enabled
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09:02<jdike>Hi guys
09:03[~]jdike back from Ottawa
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11:44<anderiv>fo0bar: so - after applying the skas3 patch, running oldconfig, there is no CONFIG_PROC_MM in .config. Was that option removed in recent versions?
11:45<anderiv>this is kernel-2.6.20 and skas-2.6.20-v8.2
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13:16<fo0bar>anderiv: nope, CONFIG_PROC_MM definitely exists in those patches (though I've never tried 2.6.20, I skipped directly from 2.6.18 to 2.6.21)
13:17<fo0bar>jdike: FYI:
13:17<fo0bar>does the exact same thing as the code in the book (I ain't typing in C code from a book. :)
13:18<fo0bar>though that does remind me of typing in BASIC programs from BYTE magazine into the VIC20
14:37<jdike>fo0bar, what about it?
14:47<fo0bar>jdike: nothing much, just pointing out there is an alternative to your do-chroot example
14:49<jdike>what do-chroot example?
14:50<anderiv>fo0bar: well - this just has me flummoxed ;-)
14:51<anderiv>does it make any difference that I'm on amd64?
14:52<jdike>skas3 doesn't really work on x86_64
14:53<anderiv>ahh - lovely.
14:54<fo0bar>jdike: from your book
14:55<jdike>OK, didn't realize someone wrote a real thing to do that
14:56[~]fo0bar is *this* close to getting uml/chroot/suid working in an automated fashion
14:57[~]anderiv goes off to try the noprocmm flag
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16:00<Surferdude>Hi, trying to boot a UML and getting a weird "applet not found" error
16:02<Surferdude>pastebin of panic:
16:03<Surferdude>any ideas?
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16:16<jdike>that's init not found?
16:16<jdike>you didn't paste enough
16:56<Surferdude>ehhh, pastebin is crapping out it seems
16:57<Surferdude>jdike: give it another try i can see the full panic now
16:58<Surferdude>oh, wait
16:58<Surferdude>i get it
16:59<Surferdude>jdike:check pm
17:00<jdike>bizarre, not a UML thing
17:00<jdike>what's the filesystem?
17:00<Surferdude>guest and host are ext3
17:01<Surferdude>i read somewhere that uml has trouble running on 2.6.18, is that right?
17:01<Surferdude>(host kernel)
17:01<jdike>I mean, what's in the filesystem image?
17:01<jdike>like the distro, where'd you get it, etc
17:02<jdike>OK, busybox has things called applets, I think
17:02<jdike>sounds like it's just a botched fs
17:02<jdike>where'd you get it?
17:02<Surferdude>I'll try debian i gues
17:05<jdike>those should boot
17:06<jdike>for it, it just hangs
17:06<jdike>for me
17:09<Surferdude>[42949373.870000] ubda: Can't open "kernel32-": errno = 26
17:09<Surferdude>oh wait
17:12<jdike>looks like something's wrong with the init
17:12<jdike>I get a shell with init=/bin/sg
17:13<Surferdude>weird, im trying debian now (from same website) and just waiting for it to unzip
17:15<Surferdude>i think i got it, thanks for your help jdike
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18:18<fo0bar>ebtables, I have vanquished thee!
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