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12:34<Booboo>I want to learn to use uml but someone told me that uml is dead since kvm and xen is growing in popularity. I don't want to waste time in a yesterday's technology.
12:35<Booboo>What should I do ?
12:36<the_hydra>fact: UML isn't dead
12:37<the_hydra>whoever told you that, doesn't really know what's really goin' on
12:38<the_hydra>so what should you do? do your own observation and decide which one that suits your need
12:39<Booboo>the_hydra: you sound very scary
12:39<Booboo>the_hydra: I think its your nick
13:01<ds2>does UML have the ability to "grab" USB devices from the host system yet?
13:03<the_hydra>not that I know ds2
13:04<ds2>anyone working on that feature?
13:04<ds2>got a box on 2.4 that I don't want to upgrade; thought a 2.6UML machine on top would get me the few 2.6 features I want to try
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