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07:56<jdike>Hi guys
07:59[~]jdike checks out 2.6.22
08:01<peterz>jdike: seen that linux-m post on multiple address-spaces per process?
08:01<peterz>linux-mm even
08:04[~]jdike isn't on linux-mm
08:04<peterz>right, suspected as much
08:04<jdike>Peter Chubb?
08:04<jdike>yeah, he has a very special purpose hack
08:05<jdike>he has indexes, which aren't usable outside the process
08:05<peterz>right, that hurts a little
08:05<peterz>but it made me think of the skas patches
08:06<jdike>is he claiming they should go in?
08:06<jdike>or is it "look what I've done!"?
08:06<peterz>asking if something similar could be used by others
08:06<jdike>well, he know I can use it
08:07<jdike>and he knows what would need changing
08:07<peterz>well this might be a good moment to propose the skas stuff again :-)
08:08<jdike>the interface is a non-starter
08:08<jdike>that's always been the problem
08:08<peterz>that was most fugly
08:08<peterz>oh, for skas
08:08<jdike>yeah, for skas
08:09<peterz>you did propose syscalls once, right?
08:09<jdike>Linus dinged that idea
08:09<peterz>perhaps now that we're adding syscalls left right and center
08:09<jdike>the *at syscalls do exactly what Linux said he didn't like
08:09<peterz>address space as file descriptor
08:09[~]peterz runds
08:10<jdike>that was always the idea, and there's nothing wrong with that
08:10<peterz>how does one select?
08:10<peterz>not using the regular ops I take it
08:10<jdike>just where do you get it (open(/proc/mm), new_mm(), ...
08:10<jdike>and how do you operate on it?
08:11<peterz>read/write/select don't seem like useful operations, but then I haven't really pondered it
08:11<jdike>a new_mm() syscall, I think would be better
08:12<peterz>ah, map in another mm
08:12<jdike>yeah, that's essential for me
08:12<peterz>what would happen if people mistake that for mmap this fd
08:12<jdike>peter's (chubb) thing doesn't need that
08:12<peterz>he does LoL, right?
08:13<jdike>OK, maybe there are better names
08:13<jdike>the one technical problem is the number of args that fmmap would have
08:14<jdike>I fear that
08:14<jdike>although the arg block works there
08:15<peterz>you could use this wrapper syscall linus has been on about for this
08:15<jdike>that's the other idea
08:15<jdike>I've cooled on that idea, although it seems to be popular for other purposes
08:16<peterz>indeed, and if that is what is going to happen, might as well use it
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12:29<jjkola>I tried compiling 2.6.22 both as uml and skas3, and both failed to compile
12:32<jjkola>uml choked on hostfs and skas3 choked with mm
12:32[~]peterz builds
12:33<peterz>builds just fine it seems
12:35<jjkola>errors with uml:
12:36<jjkola>erros with skas3:
12:36<jjkola>erros -> errors
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12:39<peterz># grep HOSTFS uml-build/.config
12:39<peterz>still builds
12:39<jjkola>with uml version I have only applied mconsole exec patch to vanilla kernel
12:40<jdike>I know about the hostfs module errors
12:41<jdike>a patch is forthcoming
12:41<jdike>looks like the skas patch needs an update
12:42<jjkola>with skas3 version I have applied patch for 2.6.20-v9-pre9 and applied all rejected chunks by hand to vanilla kernel
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14:05<jjkola>when I built 2.6.22 uml version and run that I got segmentation fault
14:06<jjkola>the host is with skas3 patch
14:07<jjkola>if you need more information the kernel is still running under gdb
14:09<jdike>get a backtrace?
14:13<jdike>this is stock a 2.6.22 UML?
14:13<jdike>s/stock a/a stock/
14:13<jjkola>only mconsole exec patch is applied
14:14<jjkola>otherwise it's a stock kernel
14:15<jdike>that makes no sense though
14:16<jdike>a page fault shouldn't result in a >32 block I/O operation
14:17<jdike>it happens here too
14:17<jjkola>well, at least it seems to be reproducible : )
14:19<jdike>I'm getting a 48-block read
14:24<jdike>there's probably a one-line fix for this
14:49[~]kokoko1 hates kernel-xen from fedora folks
14:50<kokoko1>ah i wish we could be using uml on all our infra, keep xen kernel sync with fedora update repos is become pita
14:50<kokoko1>i love rolling our own kernel :)
14:50<kokoko1>hi hi :)
15:01<jjkola>jdike: thanks for the patch, it helped
15:01<jdike>np, thanks for letting me know
15:01<jdike>its next stop is -stable
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