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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-07-10

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09:53<jdike>Hi guys
09:54<peterz>hey jeff
09:54<kokoko1>Hello jdike
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11:49<jdike>A couple of patches off to -stable
12:03<kokoko1>cool, which mean we can safely upgrade to 2.6.22 on uml ? :)
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13:15<aep>i wonder if networking for a guest system can be setup without root permissions
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13:31<aep>well curently i am trying tun/tap but when trying to access the tun device as user i get "file descriptor is in bad state" even if i am in the group having acess to the device. maybe somone can help me out on that
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13:57<aep>um gotta play with my network now
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22:49<flips>good day, anybody have experience with getting a network connection from uml to host?
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