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02:57<peterz>flips: you still around
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10:26<jdike>Hi guys
10:27<kokoko1>Hello jdike
10:27<kokoko1>how are you today?
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10:51<dgraves>morning all!
10:53<jdike>hey dude
10:58<dgraves>how's life down south, jdike? :)
10:58<dgraves>get stormed on yet?
10:58<jdike>today? no
10:59<jdike>last few days, yes
10:59<jdike>some nice lightning
10:59<dgraves>gotta love that.
10:59<dgraves>looks like we're fixin for some up here.
10:59<dgraves>i saw a could once that had all the different types of lightning in it.
11:00<dgraves>was caused by heat at the shore.
11:00<dgraves>ball, ribbon, fork, etc.
11:00<dgraves>was *awesome*.
11:00<dgraves>i was just staring, and everyone was hustling past, missing the show.
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11:34<sysop>how can I configure a new filesystem to function with netkit
11:41<jdike>what's netkit?
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11:57[~]jdike is trying to use printk in userspace code
11:57<jdike>that won't work so well
12:04<dgraves>jdike: obviously you've succumed to the everything to the kernel methodology?
12:09<jdike>my tabs are now 8 spaces even
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12:09[~]jdike has been assimilated
12:09<jdike>note the glassy eyes and pale complexion
12:09[~]dgraves sprays jdike with holy water.
12:09<dgraves>or is that garlic?
12:09<dgraves>oh heck.
12:09<jdike>holy garlic water
12:09[~]dgraves nukes jdike with garlic, silver, gold, myrrh, holy water, frankensense, and virgin wood!
12:09<dgraves>did i miss anything?
12:09<dgraves>raw beef steaks!
12:09<jdike>what's virgin wood?
12:09<dgraves>kinda like virgin olive oil?
12:09<jdike>it hasn't been cut yet?
12:09<dgraves>i thought you were supposed to make vampire stakes out of it.
12:09<jdike>don't think it worked
12:09<jdike>I still have 8 space tabs
12:09<dgraves>hrm. did i get rid of emacs at least?
12:09<jdike>that will probably require death
12:09<dgraves>we could try holy wafers in the mouth of your decapitated head buried under running water...
12:09<dgraves>i think that's like for dracula.
12:09<dgraves>did i at least get rid of the printks?
12:10<jdike> yeah I fixed those
12:10<dgraves>k, then lets just call it a day.
12:10<dgraves>i'm out of things to throw.
12:10<dgraves>and i don't want to be the uml maintainer anyway.
12:11<dgraves>i'm happy bugging someone else. :)
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12:19[~]dgraves also doesn't think he could fix things nearly as well as jdike.
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13:13<sysop>this channel is for user mode linux or unified modeling language?
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13:21<kokoko1>user mode linux
13:21<sysop>kokoko1: thank you
13:21<kokoko1> /topic
13:22<kokoko1>your welcome
13:22<sysop>kokoko1: did you know about netkit?
13:25<kokoko1>sysop, i'm afraid not :-s
13:26<kokoko1><sysop> how can I configure a new filesystem to function with netkit
13:26<kokoko1><sysop> ?
13:26<kokoko1><jdike> what's netkit?
13:26<kokoko1>sysop, jdike is author and maintainer of uml.
13:30<sysop>netkit use uml
13:30<sysop>but this have various utilities and use other languages for simulate networks using uml
13:31<kokoko1>sound interesting
13:32<dgraves>sysop: i saw that somewhere, but it wasn't useful so i kept on going. :0
13:34<sysop>dgraves: was not useful to you?
13:37<dgraves>sysop: yeah at that point in time.
13:37<sysop>well, may be is time to give it another chance.
13:38<dgraves>you make money per hit? :)
13:38<dgraves>not sure i have a reason to test networks at this point....
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14:17<jdike>old news
14:18<jdike>where'v you been?
14:22<peterz>flips: you ever got networking up?
14:41<dgraves>jdike: catching up on my rss feed. :)
14:41[~]dgraves is *so* out of it. :-P
14:42[~]jdike is figuring out the subtleties of x86 segment registers
14:47[~]kokoko1 clicked
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17:01<flips>peterz, networking up?
17:01<flips>on uml?
17:01<flips>failed miserably
17:01<flips>one of our team here was trying yesterday, failed even worse
17:02<flips>I got as far as getting arps from uml once, could not get it to respond to the the arp reply
17:02<jdike>failing how?
17:02<flips>yes, let me invite jiangz here
17:02<flips>greets jeff :)
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17:04<flips>jdike, meet jiayingz
17:04<jiayingz>hi jdike
17:04<jdike>so, what's the problem?
17:05<jiayingz>a newbie problem. what is the easy way to setup network
17:05<jiayingz>i have mcast work
17:06<jiayingz>but no luck with ethertap and tuntap
17:06<jdike>mcast is easy
17:06<jdike>if you want access to the outside world, tuntap is what you want
17:06<jdike>what happens when you use that?
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17:07<jiayingz>when i use ifconfig eth0 ip up inside uml, it hanged
17:08<jdike>the whole UML, or ifconfig?
17:09<jdike>anything in dmesg?
17:10<jiayingz>nothing I recall
17:10<jiayingz>let me try again
17:13<jiayingz>hmm, so I should use a different ip inside uml?
17:16<jdike>then the host tap device?
17:16<jiayingz>After changed some config setting, ifconfig works now
17:16<jdike>OK, so what about the network?
17:17<jiayingz>i still cannot ping outside network
17:18<jdike>the host?
17:18<jdike>or beyond that?
17:18<jiayingz>should I use a virtual ip or real ip inside uml?
17:18<jdike>it helps to be on the same subnet as the host
17:18<jdike>but if you're not, you just need some extra routing
17:19<jiayingz>still ping said "Network is unreachable"
17:19<jdike>ping to the host?
17:20<jdike>what are the IPs invovled?
17:20<jiayingz>do I have to setup a bridge on host?
17:21<jiayingz>i can not route add host as gw
17:21<jiayingz>the error is "SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable"
17:22<jdike>what are the IPs involved?
17:23<jiayingz>i passed as ip of tap
17:23<jiayingz>then i set as ip inside uml
17:24<jdike>what are the UML routes?
17:25<jiayingz>hmm"" * U 0 0 0 eth0
17:25<jiayingz>the only entry
17:25<jiayingz>i can not set host as gw
17:25<jdike>and if you ping, what happens?
17:26<jiayingz>network unreachable
17:26<jdike>that's not possible
17:26<jdike>did you just try it?
17:27<jdike>run route -n and ping and paste the whole thing here
17:28<jiayingz>oh, so I should ping the ip of tap, instead of real ip of host
17:30<jiayingz>ok, i c my problem
17:30<jiayingz>the route table was wrong
17:30<jiayingz>i replaced it with the ip of tap
17:30<jiayingz>now the route table is:
17:30<jiayingz>Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface
17:30<jiayingz> * UH 0 0 0 eth0
17:31<jiayingz>and ping to works
17:31<jdike>that's OK
17:31<jdike>what's the host's eth0 IP?
17:31<jiayingz>but ping to real host ip still not work
17:31<jiayingz>and the error is:
17:32<jiayingz>ping: sendto: Network is unreachable
17:32<jiayingz>ping: wrote 64 chars, ret=-1
17:32<jdike>you haven't made a route there, right?
17:32<jiayingz>i thought tap0 will automatically forward that
17:33<jdike>the UML network doesn't know to send it anywhere
17:33<jdike>tap0 will never see it
17:33<jdike>that's why we have routing
17:34<jiayingz>right, i just added as host, not gw
17:34<jiayingz>i added that
17:34<jiayingz>and ping to host ip works. :)
17:35<jdike>so, what still doesn't work?
17:35<jiayingz>works if i ping host ip, but not other machines
17:36<jdike>what other machines?
17:36<jdike>i.e. what IPs?
17:37<jiayingz>e.g., (host ip is
17:37<jdike>do you have a route there?
17:37<jdike>in the UML
17:38<jiayingz>hmm, i need to set up routes to each host i want to reach?
17:38<jiayingz>I thought host gw would handle that
17:38<jdike>you need at least a default route at this point
17:39<jdike>does your current routing say to send everything to the host?
17:39<jiayingz>you mean "route add -host dev eth0"
17:39<jdike>do you know how to add a default route?
17:40<jiayingz>i have ""default UG 0 0 0 eth0
17:40<jiayingz>in my route table
17:40<jdike>what does route -n say?
17:41<jiayingz>Kernel IP routing table
17:41<jiayingz>Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface
17:41<jiayingz> UH 0 0 0 eth0
17:41<jiayingz> UG 0 0 0 eth0
17:41<jiayingz>inside uml
17:41<jiayingz>do I need to setup route on host?
17:41<jdike>and ping says what?
17:41<jiayingz>nothing, it hangs
17:42<jdike>OK, that's good
17:42<jdike>you need routing on the host
17:42<jdike>add a host route to the UML through tap0
17:43<jiayingz>there is already one
17:43<jiayingz>but I guess network mask is wrong
17:43<jiayingz> * UH 0 0 0 tap0
17:44<jdike>that's OK
17:44<jdike>that's a host route
17:44<jdike>can you ping the UML from the host?
17:44<jdike>can you assign the UML a 172.29.60.x IP?
17:45<jiayingz>hmm, that is not easy
17:45<jiayingz>they are assigned by tech people here
17:45<jdike>otherwise, you will need routing from the rest of your network to the host for this UML
17:45<jdike>or set up masquerading
17:46<jiayingz>can i tell tap0 to forward packets from uml?
17:46<jiayingz>i c the problem
17:47<jiayingz>the pings get through, but no reply can be forwarded to uml
17:47<jdike>masquerading is probably what you want
17:47<jiayingz>you mean setting up a bridge
17:48<jdike>although bridging would work too
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17:48<jdike>whichever you're comfortable with
17:49<jiayingz>i only have one ethernet card on host
17:49<jiayingz>so i am a little worry about bridge
17:50<jdike>then use masquerading
17:50<jiayingz>is there any document on setting up masquerading with uml?
17:53<jiayingz>ha, it works
17:53<jiayingz>that is easy
17:54<jiayingz>so now, if I want other machines to access uml, how can i do that?
17:54<jdike>you have effectively a private IP
17:54<jdike>which makes that hard
17:55<jdike>if it's one or two other machines, a route on them to the host will do it
17:56<jdike>but the best solution is either bridging or a real IP
17:56<jiayingz>but the host ip is virtual
17:56<jdike>actually bridging won't help either
17:56<jdike>it's 172.x.x.x
17:57<jiayingz>sorry, i mean uml ip is virtual
17:57<jdike>doesn't matter
17:57<jdike>you can makes routes to it
18:00<jiayingz>you mean""route add -host gw dev eth0
18:00<jiayingz>on other machines?
18:03<jiayingz>ping works after adding
18:03<jiayingz>route add -net netmask gw ruihe dev eth0
18:03<jiayingz>on other machines
18:04<jiayingz>s/ruihe/host name
18:06<jiayingz>that is all i need, i think
18:06<jiayingz>thank you so much!
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