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09:48<jdike>Hi guys
09:50<pidhash>hey jdike
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10:16<pidhash>could I to use the same fs for host and uml ?
10:17[~]pidhash probably hostfs
10:20<jdike>but device names are different
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10:25<pidhash> ?
10:29<jdike>that's not booting the host and UML from the same fs
10:30<jdike>that's what it sounded like you wanted
10:30<jdike>here, the UML filesystem is a subset of the host filesystem
10:31<pidhash>and could I to do that ?
10:32<pidhash>to use the same fs
10:32<pidhash>I need only to teste snmp here, so I guessed would more easy
10:32<jdike>using hostfs like the HOWTO describes?
10:32<pidhash>or other way
10:33<pidhash>i just only think dont need a whole fs for it
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10:57<kokoko1>Hi guys
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12:58[~]jdike succeeds in running a trivial KVM guest
13:01<kokoko1>Congrats mate :)
13:02<kokoko1>so you got vt boxes :)
13:02<jdike>I had a VT box from Intel for a while, but it was a proto, and slow as shit
13:03<jdike>plus it turns out that its VT doesn't really work
13:03<jdike>I bought a personal PC - a core2 box
13:03<jdike>and it turns out to have a good working VT
13:04<kokoko1>Nice, you also need one from AMD :)
13:04<jdike>now to get this thing running in 64-bit mode
13:04<kokoko1>I mean for testing
13:04<jdike>I can see the expense request for that going through really smoooothly
13:04<kokoko1>email them, i am sure they will sent you one ? :)
13:05<kokoko1>lol @ Intel they sent you slower one
13:05<jdike>if you work for any manufacturer, it's the same
13:05<jdike>you request equipment, you get prototypes
13:06<jdike>paying customers get the good stuff
13:16<pidhash>so could i to use host fs as uml too ?
13:16<pidhash>as its root fs ?
13:20<jdike>a subdirectory which you have set up
13:20<jdike>not the host's /
13:21<pidhash>bin and usr/bin would be enough
13:21<jdike>you need enough to boot it
13:21<jdike>unless you're doing init=/bin/sh or somethign
13:22<pidhash>from uml can run something of host
13:22<pidhash>I want make some snmp tests
13:23<jdike>try it with the host's / and init=/bin/sh
13:23<jdike>might work
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