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09:04<jdike>Hi guys
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14:47[~]jdike gets a 32-bit KVM client off the ground
14:49<caker>fun, huh? The first few distros I tried would hang
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14:49<caker>jdike: kvm+uml or kvm+QEMU?
14:50<jdike>neither yet
14:50<jdike>I'm figuring out the incantation to get the virtual CPU running in 64-bit mode in a flat 64-bit address space
14:50<jdike>i.e. what do the initial registers need to be
14:51<jdike>then I'll start jamming userspace code in there and see if it can make VMCALL system calls
14:51[~]caker drools
14:52[~]jdike looks around for a napkin
14:53<jdike>back to volume 3B
14:55<caker>I gotcha .. Intel Architecture (IA32-64) Volume 3B: System Programming Guide :)
14:55<jdike>got it in one
14:56<jdike>been spending a lot of time there recently
14:56<caker>very enlightening, I presume?
14:56<jdike>not really
14:57<jdike>like poetry in a (bad) sense
14:57<jdike>it takes close reading in order to make sense sometimes
14:58<jdike>I'm trying to get KVM to tell me that a VMCALL was a VMCALL
14:58<jdike>right now, I'm getting "external interrupt"
14:59<jdike>on that instruction, which I don't really belive
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15:14<jdike>and now single-stepping the thing results in KVM_EXIT_SHUTDOWN instead of KVM_EXIT_DEBUG, like yesterday
15:43<dang>jdike: Try the AMD one. It's better...
15:43<jdike>I ain't got an AMD one
15:43[~]dang has them in dead-tree
15:43<dang>They're available as pdf...
15:43<jdike>Oh, you mean manuals
15:44<dang>Unless you're specifically doing the virtualization instructions, of course.
15:44<dang>Those are different between the two.
15:45<dang>But I've generally found the AMD manuals better than the Intel ones...
15:45<jdike>which I am
15:45<dang>Well, then you'll need the AMD ones eventually anyway. :)
15:46<jdike>KVM is supposed to hide that
15:47<jdike>but I'll need an AMD box before I find out how well it does
15:49<dang>Can't help you there, sorry. Looks like my X2 box is too old.
15:57<jdike>static int handle_triple_fault(struct kvm_vcpu *vcpu, struct kvm_run *kvm_run)
15:57<jdike> kvm_run->exit_reason = KVM_EXIT_SHUTDOWN;
15:57<jdike> return 0;
15:57<jdike>when there's a perfectly good EXIT_REASON_TRIPLE_FAULT that could be used instead
15:58<dang>Added later, maybe, and not retrofitted?
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16:36<jdike>AH HA
16:36<jdike>KVM is seeing EXIT_REASON_VMCALL, and transmuting it into EXTERNAL_INTERRUPT somehow
16:38<jdike>Oh man
16:39<jdike>false alarm
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