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08:52<dgraves>morning all!
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09:52<jdike>Hi guys
10:36[~]jdike gets KVM to admit to seeing VMCALL
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11:49<the_hydra>hi all
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12:06<dgraves>morning the_hydra, jdike.
12:06<dgraves>jdike: did you beat it with a stick?
12:07<fo0bar>jdike: do you have any public dev UML-KVM code yet? I played with KVM last week and looks like UML through KVM would have a lot of promise
12:08<the_hydra>dgraves: hello allan
12:09<dgraves>the_hydra: how's the writing going?
12:10<the_hydra>dgraves: quite fine..have I showed you my article on
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12:14<dgraves>nope, what was it, the_hydra ?
12:15<the_hydra>dgraves: wait a sec
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12:41<jdike>fo0bar, no, UML isn't there yet
12:41<jdike>I'm writing little guests to see what the roadblocks are
12:43<the_hydra>hi jeff
12:44<jdike>how's things?
12:49<the_hydra>not so fine...caught a flu lately...
12:50<jdike>in your part of the world, you have to worry that it didn't come from a bir
12:51[~]dgraves isn't sure if that's funny or scarey.
12:51<the_hydra>jdike: yep
12:51<the_hydra>jdike: bird flu is quickly spreading here
12:51<jdike>more scary than anything
12:51<the_hydra>jdike: infected today, late medication, three days later, we'll meet Jesus
12:52<the_hydra>maybe faster, if you're church fans
12:53<the_hydra>dgraves: yes, it's fun, if you see it as a fast road to heaven :)
12:56<dgraves>the_hydra: now *that* scares me. :-P
12:56<dgraves>man, that must be a tough environment to live in.
12:56<the_hydra>dgraves: but I heard, China already found the cure...?!
12:56<jdike>I think religions generally frown on fast roads to heaven
12:57<dgraves>the_hydra: i missed that one.
12:57<jdike>wacko Islamists (and christians and others) notwithstanding
12:57<the_hydra>jdike: :)
12:57<jdike>that's 18 months old
12:58<jdike>if it were real, we'd have heard more
12:58<jdike>and you have to take anything coming out of China with a grain of salt
12:58<jdike>if it's politicized, then people will make any sort of claim to help their careers
12:59<the_hydra>jdike: sure... and IIRC, it's an extract of green, what a surprise
12:59<jdike>The China Daily newspaper says the drug has been developed by a research group at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.
12:59<jdike>No details have been given on whether any clinical tests have been conducted, or whether the drug has been approved for production and sales.
12:59<jdike>A spokesman for the World Health Organisation says he has no information about the new drug.
13:00<the_hydra>so maybe what we need is a very strong anti oxcidant
13:00<jdike>that inspires all kinds of confidence
13:03<dgraves>jdike: hey, i'm just trying to dig stuff up. :) and it isn't a miracle, just slightly better and cheaper.
13:03<jdike>anti-oxidants don't target viruses
13:03<dgraves>which probably means they stole it. :)
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13:04<the_hydra>dgraves: hehehehe
13:07<the_hydra>dgraves: china pirates almost anything you can imagine :)
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13:26<dgraves>the_hydra: don't i know.
13:26<dgraves>they're having issues using them as testing here at oracle.
13:26<jdike>using what as testing?
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13:31<jdike>Intel has a decent-sized lab in Shanghai, and they seem quite productive
13:31<the_hydra>jdike: you visit Intel .ch office?
13:32<jdike>.ch is Austria, so no
13:32<jdike>.cn, yes
13:32<the_hydra>damn, yes, I mean .cn
13:32<jdike>In May
13:33<the_hydra>dgraves: chinese are smart because they play mahjong too much ;)
13:34<dgraves>jdike: oh, they're productive. but they can't have source code or anything, cause oracle is worried it'll get stolen.
13:34<dgraves>then again, there's the whole i have to have my retina scanned to go to our lab anyway.
13:34<the_hydra>dgraves: good decision
13:34<jdike>that's not really a problem for us
13:34<the_hydra>dgraves: never trust the source of piracy ;)
13:34<jdike>the people we work with are doing open source stuff
13:35<jdike>so if they want to steal the source, they're completely welcome to it :-)
13:37[~]the_hydra imagines .cn steals Intel secret CPU design, make something new based on it and named it "Genghis khan" processor
13:37[~]the_hydra and appoints dgraves as the main distributor in usa
13:37<dgraves>jdike: now that's funny. :)
13:38<dgraves>the_hydra: they did steal some processor a while back. i don't recall the specifics though
13:38<the_hydra>dgraves: wow...
13:38<jdike>they claimed it as a big breakthrough
13:38<the_hydra>so they did it...
13:38<jdike>"completely designed in China"
13:38<jdike>all kinds of press
13:39<jdike>it turned out to be a Moto chip with the trademarks filed off
13:39<the_hydra>now I began to worry about that .cn rocket goin' to the moon
13:40<dgraves>jdike: i also seem to recall many other cases similar to it. some even government sanctioned....
13:40<dgraves>wasn't there a drug or two, bunches of other tech, etc?
13:40<jdike>I don't remember anything with the same publicity
13:40[~]the_hydra afraid that would be "mulyadi" pirated version
13:41<jdike>but no doubt it happens
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13:41<jdike>Other Intel groups have people in Shanghai who may be doing proprietary stuff
13:41<jdike>dunno how concerned anyone is about that
13:42<jdike>but we totally don't care
13:45<dgraves>yeah, i can totally see that.
13:54<waldner>is it possible that when a launch uml using conx=null at the end some instances of port-helper remain running and must be killed manually?
13:56<jdike>I don't see any connection between the two
13:56<the_hydra>gtg all
13:56<waldner>ok, then it must be something else :)
13:56<the_hydra>see you jeff, allan
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13:57<waldner>I just noticed that if I don't use con1=null and let the syslog console pop up, then when I exit everything is fine
13:57<waldner>instead, using con1=null to have only 1 xterm leaves port-helper running
13:57<jdike>Oh, OK
13:58<jdike>you're getting an xterm
13:58<waldner>yes, sorry
13:58<jdike>it's distinctly possible there's a connection :-)
13:58<waldner>I use con0=xterm con1=null
13:59<waldner>if I leave out the con1=null part, another xterm pops up and no port-helper remains when I exit
14:00<jdike>however, that's still sort of backwards
14:00<jdike>I'd expect port-helpers when there is an xterm, not when there's not
14:00<waldner>it seems that it's invoked even for the null channel
14:01<jdike>that's fairly strange
14:01<jdike>what version of UML?
14:02<jdike>new enough
14:02<jdike>FWIW, I do exactly that and I don't have port-helpers hanging aroun
14:03<waldner>I'll paste the output of "ps aux | grep port-helper" with 3 uml running, just a minute
14:05<jdike>this is with everything running?
14:05<jdike>those are for the main console, which is expected
14:05<waldner>this is the command line I use to start each vm:
14:06<waldner>of course, with the proper variables set
14:06<jdike>so, with the con1=null gone, the con0 port-helpers hang around?
14:07<waldner>no, it works just fine (but three more xterms pop up with the syslogs)
14:08<jdike>so, when do you get the port-helpers hanging around after shutdown?
14:08<waldner>when I use the command line i just pasted, the one with con1=null
14:09<waldner>the port-helper that remain hanging are those with the "-uml-socket" argument
14:09<jdike>and the con1 port-helpers get killed properly?
14:10<waldner>sorry, I was not reading correctly
14:11<waldner>all three remain
14:12<waldner>the three that are started with the xterm -T ... -e /usr/lib/uml/port-helper
14:13<waldner>however, I just noticed this thing, so I'll better do some other test and report back when I can reproduce the problem consistently
14:13<jdike>it looks like a bug
14:13<waldner>thanks for now
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14:30<fo0bar>jdike: ok, well good luck on KVM, and hook a man up for testing when it's appropriate ;)
15:11<jdike>we have a l33t c0w here
15:11<jdike>what will they think of next
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15:47[~]dgraves wonders if he can clone the c0w.
15:47<dgraves>or maybe extend it.
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18:38<yotta|lap>Warning: unable to open an initial console.
18:38<yotta|lap>Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
18:38<yotta|lap>I keep getting that when i start uml, any idea what i'm doing wrong?
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