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10:08<jdike>Hi guys
10:08<caker>hello Jeff
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10:20<dgraves>morning jdike.
10:20<dgraves>jdike: wanna work for oracle? :)
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10:25<jdike>you got openings? :-)
10:26<jdike>which involve me doing whatever I damn well feel like at home?
10:27[~]dang wonders what Oracle wants with UML...
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10:36<kokoko1>hehehe I thinks they will let you do what you want, just one weekly visit to near by community center ;)
10:43<kokoko1> Intel Launches Mobile Linux Project:
10:44<dang>Could be interesting.
10:44<dang>I'm hoping openmoko comes out with a 770+cell phone
10:44<dang>Of course, the intel pad will have more CPU power than any of the rest...
10:45<yotta|lapt>can anybody point me at a good guide for setting up UML on debian?
10:46<yotta|lapt>I tried running it myself, but i'm getting errors.
10:47<jdike>what errors?
10:49<yotta|lapt>i get a kernel panic
10:49<yotta|lapt>running ./linux eth0=ethertap,tap0 ubd0=/var/uml/linuxdev1.root uml_dir=/var/uml init=/bin/bash
10:49<yotta|lapt>last message is
10:49<yotta|lapt>Warning: unable to open an initial console.
10:49<yotta|lapt>Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
10:50<yotta|lapt>if i remove the init=/bin/bash it does not panic, just hangs....
10:50<jdike>well, is there a /dev/console?
10:50<yotta|lapt>in the uml?
10:50<yotta|lapt>probably not.....
10:51<jdike>in the filesystem you're booting
10:51<yotta|lapt>i know what you're talking about.
10:51<yotta|lapt>and no.
10:51<yotta|lapt>there is not.
10:52<dang>You'll need /dev/null, too
10:52<dang>At the very least.
10:52<yotta|lapt>there's a /dev/null
10:52<yotta|lapt>this is an FS that i'm converting from linux-vserver to run under UML
10:52<yotta|lapt>I'm using mono, which doesn't work under vserver
10:52<dang>I bet the original init started udev.
10:52<yotta|lapt>so gotta move it to UML
10:53<jdike>it's not new enough to do udev and hal?
10:53<dang>He used init=/bin/bash
10:53<yotta|lapt>guest is debian sid
10:53<dang>So no udev or hal...
10:53<yotta|lapt>host is debian sarge i tthink
10:53<jdike>so a mknod should take care of the console problem
10:54<jdike>you'll need some ubd devices too
10:54<yotta|lapt>dumps me to a shell now!
10:54<dang>And get you on to the next problem. :)
10:54<yotta|lapt>i made the ubd devices already.
10:54<yotta|lapt>i knew about that.
10:56<yotta|lapt>I can probably get this all going now.
10:57<jdike>why doesn't mono run under vserver?
10:58<yotta|lapt>needs to muck around with the binfmt_misc module
10:59<jdike>and that doesn't work when you have shared kernel
10:59<dang>Or when it's provided for you by your host...
10:59<yotta|lapt>I have root on the hardware
11:02<yotta|lapt>how does one populate /dev?
11:02<dang>udev, usually.
11:02<dang>There's a MAKEDEV script on older systems... It doesn't exist on my udev systems.
11:02<yotta|lapt>i have the MAKEDEV script
11:05<yotta|lapt>etap_tramp : uml_net failed
11:05<yotta|lapt>open: No such device or address
11:05<yotta|lapt>what's with that?
11:06<dang>Your kernel doesn't have ethertap?
11:06<yotta|lapt>which one?
11:06<dang>Good question.
11:06<yotta|lapt>host does
11:06<dang>The host needs tun/tap
11:06<yotta|lapt>host has it.
11:07<dang>Maybe you don't just don't have permission to it as the user the UML is running as/
11:07<dang>It should have said permission denied, tho...
11:07<yotta|lapt>i'm starting uml as root
11:07<dang>Okay, so that's not it.
11:08<dang>In the UML kernel...
11:08<jdike>is there anything else in dmesg?
11:08<yotta|lapt>i think so
11:08<yotta|lapt>they are set
11:09<yotta|lapt>dmesg on host or guest?
11:10<yotta|lapt>etap_tramp : uml_net failed
11:10<yotta|lapt>open: No such device or address
11:10<yotta|lapt>etap_tramp failed - err = 22
11:10<yotta|lapt>ifconfig eth0 on guest shows stuff
11:10<yotta|lapt>but it can't up the interface
11:10<yotta|lapt>oh, and how do you make sure ubd backing files are syncronous?
11:11<jdike>you're trying Ethertap
11:11<jdike>can you use TUN/TAP instead
11:11<yotta|lapt>what's the eth0= line for that?
11:12<jdike>what was your ethertap line?
11:12<yotta|lapt>tap0 is bridged on the host, fyi
11:12<jdike>but it's an ethertap?
11:13<jdike>or tun/tap?
11:13<yotta|lapt>it's a tap interface
11:13<yotta|lapt>i made it with tunctl.....
11:13<jdike>what's the host?
11:13<jdike>that makes it a TUN/TAP, so trying to tell UML to use ethertap definitely won't work
11:13<yotta|lapt>the host is using the tun/tap driver i think
11:14<yotta|lapt>i can ping the internets! \o/
11:15[~]yotta|lapt boots normaly
11:21<yotta|lapt>so how do i set the console up to use something i can attach/detach to/from
11:21<yotta|lapt>and run uml in the background?
11:21<jdike>a detached screen is the usual way
11:22<caker>screen and run UML with con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1, and set up a getty on tty0 inside the UML
11:22<jdike>and it doesn't require anything extra on the command line
11:29<jdike>linux__alien is back, and asking clueless questions
11:29<jdike>on kernelnewbies
11:30[~]jdike wonders how to hide #uml
11:31<yotta|lapt>so how does one set up ttys for uml?
11:32<jdike>what do you mean?
12:05<dang>caker: You only need that if you changed the default console settings.
12:06<dang>Default is for 0 do be stdin/stdout
12:07[~]caker never trusts defaults
12:07<dang>yotta|lapt: Depends on how you configured it in the kernel...
12:07<dang>The default is to open xterms when getty opens the tty.
12:07<dang>(xterms on the host, getty on the guest)
12:07<caker>for all I know, Jeff switches them around each release!
12:07<dang>I usually only use a single console connected to the screen, and use ssh for other access.
12:07<dang>caker: :)
12:08<dang>caker: I use whatever was the default back in the dark ages when I first made my .config... :)
12:22<yotta|lapt>why does uname not report the correct kernel version?
12:23<yotta|lapt>it reports the host kernel info
12:24<caker>clearly PEBKAC
12:25<yotta|lapt>O RLY?
12:27<yotta|lapt>how so?
12:30<jdike>make sure you're typing at a UML
12:31<jdike>I've made the opposite mistake a bunch of times and shut down physical boxes, thinking they were UMLs
12:32<yotta|lapt>it is at the UML
12:32<jdike>ls /dev/ubd0 ; uname -a
12:32<jdike>what's that say?
12:54<yotta|lapt>where'd my ubd device go
12:54<yotta|lapt>but from ls /dev it's the UML for sure
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14:07<jdike>and uname -a says what?
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22:49<nawar_n>Hello everybody, I have question, was there a patch for uml which fixed any compilation problem for the vanilla-source 2.6.18 ?
22:51<nawar_n>A music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.
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23:08<nawar_n>علاوي وينك يا معود
23:08<nawar_n>خوات الكحبة
23:08<nawar_n>عير بطيزكم كلكهم
23:08<nawar_n>ابن اخت ام الف عير!
23:09<nawar_n>عير ب dang
23:09<nawar_n>dang ابن كحبة
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