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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-07-18

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02:19<yairhr>hi. was anyone successful compiling uml on 2.6.21?
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03:00<yairhr>how can that be? considering that sys-i386/unmap.c uses removed syscallX macros? and kernel/tt/gdb.c tries to modify const field tramp_stack ?
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06:37<jroman>hi all
06:37<jroman>can anybody tell me where is uml_mconsole tool?
06:38<jroman>where can i download it?
06:49<jroman>many thanks
06:59<peterz>yairhr: get a recent glibc I guess
06:59<peterz>yairhr: it build just fine anyway on both debian unstable and rawhide
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09:25<kokoko1>Anyone good with ssl certificates knowledge?
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09:35<dgraves>morning all.
09:37<kokoko1>morning even tho its evening here :-s
09:37<kokoko1>welcome to irc ;)
09:41<dgraves>yeah, i just gave up and say morning all the time now.
09:41<dgraves>its easier, funnier, and great for confusing people.
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10:17<jdike>Hi guys
10:35<kokoko1>hello jdike
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13:47<dgraves>morning jdike!
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14:30<kokoko1>need little favor
14:30<kokoko1> pls let me know the certficate working for you?
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14:39<jdike>Seems OK here
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