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08:31<jdike>Hi guys
08:32<dgraves>morning jdike.
08:32[~]dgraves keeps typing jdike as jdie.
08:32<dgraves>DIE J DIE!!!
08:32<dgraves>always hated that letter.
08:32[~]jdike dies
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08:38<dgraves>you die and ancalagon quits, eh jdike?
08:38<dgraves>what'd you, steal someones soul? :)
08:38<jdike>someone has to pay for my sins
08:38<jdike>and it ain't gonna be me
09:10<kokoko1>i got a question which is related to :: :: :)
09:11<kokoko1>i am wondering why named is listening on ..
09:11<kokoko1>tcp 0 0 ::1:953 :::* LISTEN 1048/named
09:11<kokoko1>udp 0 0 :::32769 :::* 1048/named
09:13<jdike>those are IPV6 ports?
09:14<dgraves>ooop. you're done. :) no ipv6 for you!!!!!
09:14<dgraves>jdike: how do you know?
09:15<dgraves>they could be ipv4, it had 65k ports, right?
09:15<jdike>all the ::::::::::
09:15<jdike>just guessing, I don't know for sure
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09:15<kokoko1>jdike, i also thinks its ipv6 related i also tries to disable it by putting 'alias net-pf-10 off # no IPv6' in /etc/modprobe.conf
09:16<kokoko1>but didnt' help
09:16<kokoko1>then i edit the named.conf and put listen-on-v6 {none;}; and restarted named but no luck either :-s
09:16<jdike>I don't think IPV6 is a module you can fail to load
09:16<kokoko1>i even rebooted the vm
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10:00<kokoko1>just for archieve ipv6 has been off by editing /etc/modprobe.conf for ..
10:00<kokoko1>alias net-pf-10 off # no IPv6
10:00<kokoko1> alias ipv6 off
10:00<kokoko1>now netstat -taunp do not show any :::* thingy :)
10:01[~]jdike --
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10:09<jdike>fiddling named.conf should have worked, though
10:09<dgraves>insanity: repeating the same steps over and over expecting a different result.
10:09<dgraves>computer work: when insanity often proves correct.
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14:29<arnor>hi all
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14:31<arnor>Bourrico: hi
14:31<arnor>what's up?
14:33<arnor>does anyone know a good UML software for Linux?
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14:42<jdike>see /topic, perhaps you want the wrong UML
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14:45<arnor>see you later ;)
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14:47<jdike>perhaps not
14:48<dang>Probably not...
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15:45<dgraves>jdike, you around?
15:45<jdike>am now
15:45<dgraves>is it better to use the latest skas stuff, or is it not a significant improvement over say, 2.6.14?
15:45<dgraves>i'm weighing the cost of porting module to 2.6.20 vs. the benefits of 2.6.20.
15:46<jdike>you mean the host side?
15:46<jdike>or UML itself?
15:47<jdike>so you're talking about updating the host to 2.6.20?
15:47<dgraves>our module compiles against 2.6.14.
15:47<dgraves>it looks like a pretty big laundry list of changes from there to 2.6.20.
15:47<dgraves>including several fundamental structures.
15:48<dgraves>so i'm trying to figure out if its worth it uml server wise.
15:48<jdike>probably not
15:48<dgraves>k, thanks.
15:49<jdike>but there aren't any modern distros still shipping 2.6.14 afaik
15:49[~]dgraves keeps seeing -pre9 in the skas patches... :)
15:49<jdike>rhel and sles not being modern any more :-)
15:49<dgraves>jdike: yeah. we're an enterprise version. :)
15:49<dgraves>we're using 2.6.9 at the moment.
15:49<dgraves>don't laugh too hard, mr. jdike. :-P
15:50[~]dgraves nukes jdike with large beach balls.
15:50<dgraves>take that.
15:50<dgraves>keep up the laughing, and i'll start asking questions about pre9 and skas4. :)
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15:51[~]jdike shuts up
15:51<dgraves>should the 2.6.14 patch work against
15:51<dgraves>or should i just go vanilla. :)
15:52<jdike>it should be fine
15:52<jdike>against that is
15:53<dgraves>yeah, figured. thanks. :)
15:53[~]dgraves thinks he will be here late tonight.
15:53<dgraves>thanks a ton!
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