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09:56<jdike>Hi guys
10:08<jjkola>I got this backtrace with gdb from uml which was hogging cpu power
10:09<jjkola>when it was in that state I couldn't connect to that uml in any way
10:09<jjkola>only thing I could do was to kill that uml
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10:55<jdike>it segfault while handling a page fault
10:59<jjkola>is that normal?
11:07<jdike>definitely a bug
11:07<jdike>it smacks of memory corruption
11:07<jdike>did it dump core?
11:07<jdike>no, because it never paniced
11:11<jjkola>I have had problems with network connections as they seem to "drop" maybe it's related to that?
11:12<jjkola>I have had to set umls so that they will reboot every hour to retain the connections
11:12<jdike>I don't see a relationship
11:12<jdike>can you get a core dump from it?
11:12<jjkola>but same problem happens also on host side although it's only about once a day that I need to reboot the server
11:13<jjkola>I'll give you it the next time this happens as I didn't save the core dump
11:14<jjkola>I haven't yet found the cause for the connection problems but I'm slowly reducing the alternatives
11:15<jdike>you'll have to gcore it since it won't dump core by itself
11:15<jdike>and make sure that you do ulimit -c unlimited before running UML
11:17<jdike>also, can you enable slab debugging?
11:20<jjkola>I'll do that the next time I reboot my server
11:21<jjkola>did you mean on host, on guest or both?
11:23<jdike>on guest
11:23<jdike>no need to reboot the host
11:24<jjkola>ah, ok
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13:28<the_hydra>hi all
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