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06:39<Internat>this is quite possibly a stupid question, but does UML run on osx
07:12<kokoko1>for running uml one need linux kernel and osx do not come with one :-s
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08:05<Internat>guess im going to have to look at vm ware or some equivelent
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10:15<caker>sorry, Jimmi Hendrix stuck in my head
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10:31<jdike>Hi guys
10:37<kokoko1>hello jdike
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10:52<dgraves>somebudy wake me up!
10:59[~]kokoko1 pokes dgraves
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12:38<jdike>time to look at 2.6.23-rc1-mm1
12:41<dgraves>jdike: is that like making the donuts?
12:41<jdike>except I don't get up a 5
12:43<dgraves>jdike: i see there's a new home page. :)
12:44<jdike>that's the index page of the "new" site
12:44<jdike>I just reversed them
12:44[~]dgraves is not finding the uml utitilities, so he goes to the old site.
12:44[~]dgraves doesn't find the new uml utilities release from 2006 on the old site. :(
12:45<jdike>there's a link
12:46<dgraves>i didn't see it on the wiki, and it got moved from where it used to be, i think.
12:48<caker>woah --
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12:50<dgraves>yeah, i know.
12:50<dgraves>and a wiki and everything!
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14:52<jdike>well, 2.6.23-rc1-mm1 no workee
14:52<jdike>it workee now
14:54<caker> <-- jdike, play this to get you psyched
14:54[~]jdike phears
14:55<caker>it's safe.
14:55<jdike>in the "crap" directory no less
14:55[~]caker is waiting to see you hit it in his access_log
14:56<caker>ahh .. fios, eh?
14:56<caker>how's that working out?
14:56<jdike>pretty good
14:57<jdike>100% uptime, rockin bandwidth, not much more expensive than DSL
15:07<jdike>show some code to beat on
15:07<jdike>the last 50 seconds are kind of a let-down though
15:07<caker>those were the days...
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15:19<caker>"I was doing a grep -r for something in /proc as a normal user, and apparently kernel paniced my linode" <-- jdike mind trying that?
15:20<caker>I lost the kernel panic, but it was only a one-liner
15:20<caker>and something I haven't seen in a long time on the host, too:
15:20<caker>unregister_netdevice: waiting for sdague_0 to become free. Usage count = 1
15:20<caker>I had to reboot the host ... all ifconfig and tunctl commands would hang
15:20<jdike>no panics here
15:21<jdike>just a bunch of permissions denied
15:21<caker>mind trying with ?
15:22<caker>my guess is it won't do anything..... :)
15:25<caker> <--- "UML is ancient these days" ???
15:26<caker>buggy bug?
15:29<jdike>building with your config
15:44<jdike>rc1-mm1 doesn't crash
15:48<jdike>caker, care to try with 2.6.22 and see if it dies?
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