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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-07-30

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09:35<jdike>hi guys
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11:52<the_hydra>jdike: hi jeff
11:57<jdike>now to get some more patches off to Andrew
12:07<dgraves>morning guys!
12:07<dgraves>anything interesting going on here today?
12:08<the_hydra>yo allan!
12:08<the_hydra>yeah, there is
12:08<the_hydra>actually yesterday
12:08<the_hydra>Iraq soccer team defeated Saudi Arabian
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12:22<kokoko1>Hi guys
12:22<the_hydra>yo kokoko1
12:22[~]kokoko1 take a diagonal pose
12:23<kokoko1>wai never did this before
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13:47<jdike>BB pokes his head in
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13:54<dgraves>jdike: yeah. that was a pretty quick poke.
13:54<dgraves>is he still working on skas stuff?
13:54<jdike>he's been pretty quiet this summer
13:55<jdike>but he rarely shows up here
13:56<jdike>and he didn't actually leave, just changed his nick
13:56<jdike>so if someone were to mention his nick, his client will start flashing red :-)
13:57<dgraves>red flash!
13:57<dgraves>jdike: you think skas4 will ever make it? or will it be all kvm now?
13:57<jdike>there will be something like skas4
13:57<jdike>more likely in pieces
13:57<jdike>like PTRACE_FAULTINFO would be useful on its own
13:58<jdike>and maybe that can be stuck in utrace
13:58[~]dgraves wonders if jdike will tell them where to shove it.
13:59[~]jdike is intimidated by that large trout
14:00[~]dgraves nukes the channel with shoes!
14:04<dgraves>you would prefer maybe, recliner pillows?
14:04<dgraves>i've got some of them.
14:04<dgraves>i ran out of jelly donuts on my other irc channel though.
14:04<dgraves>so i'm waiting for resupply.
14:06<jdike>pillows wouldn't so bad
14:13[~]dgraves sends the cleanup crew for the shoes.
14:13[~]dgraves nukes the channel with pillows!
14:13<dgraves>LOTS OF BIG FLUFFY PILLOWS!!!!
14:17[~]jdike gets a snooze
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14:30[~]dgraves wonders if snoozing helps jdike work.
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15:14[~]kokoko1 doing best to support project with his limited bandwidth 'seeding'
15:15<kokoko1>slackware DVD, I'll seeding it to 10Gigs atm i have seeded 8.02 Gigs
15:16[~]kokoko1 admires Pat
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15:16<kokoko1>dgraves, on the subway... all the hot women in business suits?
15:17<kokoko1>it's distracting tho.
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