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10:27<jdike>Hi guys
10:28<peterz>hey Jeff
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15:17<kokoko1>hi guys
15:18<kokoko1>guru around?
15:18<kokoko1>jdike, its fine to use kernel for UML even tho its bit old?
15:19<kokoko1>i am going to update the kernel on all UML which currently running to which has been tested on a uml which was crashing randomly before and not its been up from last 33 days
15:22<kokoko1>Two Hosts (not uml) are running 2.6.20-skas3-v9-pre9 and one is running
15:23<kokoko1>I thinks it will not be a problem to run newer kernel ( for UMLs?
15:24<kokoko1>s/not its been/now its been
15:28<kokoko1>Or you want me to go for 2.6.22 for host and uml ? :-s
15:29<kokoko1>I duno how are the skas3 things with 2.6.22 at host side.
15:34<jdike>2.6.21 should be good
15:35<kokoko1>right, what you suggest for host ? may i intact the host kernel or also do the 2.6.21 ?
15:36<kokoko1>specially is kinda scary
15:38<jdike>the host doesn't matter so much
15:38<jdike>whatever you're comfortable with
15:38<jdike>except that if it's Fedora, make sure that PTRACE_SYSEMU is working
15:40<kokoko1>jdike, yes all of them hosts + umls are fedora but atm we do not got any problem
15:40<jdike>UML will complain if SYSEMU isn't working, and not use it
15:40<jdike>it'll still work, but be somewhat slower
15:43<kokoko1>Right i do not want my uml to run slower, so how to make sure that SYSEMU is working its uml or host side?
15:43<jdike>host side
15:44<jdike>UML will say this
15:44<jdike>Checking syscall emulation patch for ptrace...OK
15:44<jdike>Checking advanced syscall emulation patch for ptrace...OK
15:44<jdike>if everything's OK
15:45<kokoko1>ok anything later in uml logs?
15:45<jdike>if SYSEMU is broken, it will be something like
15:45<jdike>"check_sysemu got system call number %d, "
15:45<jdike> "expected %d..."
15:46<jdike>"check_sysemu : failed to modify system call "
15:46<jdike> "return"
15:47<kokoko1>you mean during uml startup right?
15:48<kokoko1>our 'umlrun' script do not show any thing but just counts from 1... to 20 or 30 when we launch uml, wonders how i'll confirm this
15:49<kokoko1>i thinks i better first launch it using ./linux away?
15:49<kokoko1>okay thanks guru :)
15:49<kokoko1>i'll let you know if uml complains for SYSEMU or not
15:50<kokoko1>its kinda late for me will do it later.
15:57<kokoko1>wonders when RH + fedora dumping xen :)
15:57<kokoko1>xen kinda scary tho
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17:10<jjkola>hmm, I'm getting segmentation faults when running guest 2.6.22 from host 2.6.23-rc1-git9-skas3
17:11<jjkola>it's failing at switch_mm_skas()
17:14<jdike>stack trace?
17:14<jdike>(BTW, never got gdb to show me the top of the stack of your last core)
17:14<jdike>it ran out of memory
17:16<jjkola>stack trace:
17:16<jdike>in gdb
17:17<jdike>printf "%s", log_buf
17:17<jjkola>I have to write that command?
17:18<jdike>just want to see the panic message
17:18<jjkola>errno = 22
17:19<jjkola>or do you want the whole message?
17:19<jdike>that's fine
17:20<jdike>not sure
17:20<jjkola>yep, every time I try to boot umls I get this
17:20<jdike>since when?
17:21<jjkola>when using host kernel 2.6.23-rc1-git9-skas3
17:22<jdike>given that, I'd guess something broke the skas patch
17:22<jjkola>I applied that 2.6.22 unofficial patch with hand applied parts
17:24<jjkola>wait a minute, did I apply all the rejected parts...
17:24<jjkola>hmm, I'll have to check that
17:26<jjkola>ok, I had applied them
17:27<jjkola>so it wasn't that
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17:48<jjkola>I'm checking if 2.6.23-rc1-git9 host has same problem, if not then we can be sure it's skas related
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18:45<jjkola>without skas patch the uml did start
18:47<jjkola>so it's either guest or host skas code which is at fault, I think so
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