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09:36<jdike>Hi guys
09:37<peterz>hey Jeff
09:46<caker>There is no evolution. Just a list of animals Jeff Dike allows to live.
09:48<jdike>should I go away again until this thread is over?
09:48<caker>nah .. that's it. well, maybe one more, but it'll be a surprise
09:48<jdike>.... ok ...
09:51<jdike>let's see what mm2 looks like
09:58<kokoko1>heh hi :)
10:02<jdike>looks a lot like mm1
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10:56<fo0bar>I hope caker isn't running off to build one of those Vin Diesel/Chuck Norris/etc sites for jdike
10:57<jdike>maybe I should go away...
10:58<jdike>... and hope nothing drastic happens in the meantime
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11:26[~]caker lurks in the shadows
11:27[~]jdike watches UML builds and avoids the shadows
11:32<peterz>broken out -mm doesn't apply
11:32<peterz>hence smurfs git repo is not updated
11:39[~]peterz mails akpm and smurf
11:44<jdike>just trying to be helpful!
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12:41<jdike>my patchset builds again
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