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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-08-03

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06:29<theclaw>is there a way for a rootfs-file to grow as it gets used? (so that i don't have to pre-allocate 10G on my disk)
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08:56<theclaw>hi jjkola
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09:17<jdike>Hi guys
09:19<theclaw>hi jdike
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09:30<theclaw>what determines whether an "xterm" is started when i start the uml-kernel or whether i have a console in the window from where i started the kernel?
09:31<jdike>two separate questions
09:31<theclaw>sorry, bad english
09:32<jdike>1 - how you configure the consoles on the command line
09:32<theclaw>i didn't specify anything
09:32<jdike>con0=fd:1,fd:0 con=pts is common
09:32<jdike>it puts the main console on stdin/stdout and the rest on host pts devices so you don't have xterms popping up
09:33<jdike>the default is con0=fd:1,fd:0 con=xterm
09:33<jdike>2 - controlled from the UML inittab
09:34<theclaw>okay, when i add "tty0" per default it outputs to stdout, but i can't login as root then
09:34<theclaw>when i type "root" at the login prompt, it simply sais "invalid login"
09:37<theclaw>this doesn't happen with tty1 - tty6
09:38<jdike>put tty0 in /etc/securetty
09:39<theclaw>thanks a lot
09:39<theclaw>sorry, this problem wasn't uml-specific
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12:39<kokoko1>busy eh?
12:51<kokoko1>nothing just keeping myself awake :)
12:51<kokoko1>its sort of boring day, when i do not want to work
12:56<jdike>heh, OK
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23:14<chino>can i bulid a custom kernel and use uml to test it ?
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